Articles by Rik Offenberger


Red Circle 2.0: The Mighty Crusaders

The writers behind DC Comics' new Mighty Crusaders comics, Eric. S. Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, Matt Sturges and John Rozum, spoke with CBR about thee next chapter in the DCU history of the classic Archie heroes.


Jerwa & Oeming: Return of the Fox

Brandon Jerwa and Michael Avon Oeming land on the same page to create a kung-fu kicking, Alex Toth-inspired version of the classic Red Circle vigilante the Fox in the co-feature pages of DC Comics' "The Shield" series.


Promoting Ethnic Diversity Through Comics

Bill Galvan has a unique job - promoting acceptance of ethnic and cultural differences to kids through his comic, "The Scrapyard Detectives," which has already topped 70,000 copies. We spoke with Galvan.


In-Depth with Artist Freddie E. Williams II

CBR News goes in-depth with DC-exclusive artist Freddie E. Williams II on his beginnings in creative art, indie comics, "The Flash," and how he managed to get Grant Morrison to write his professional debut.


From Avengers to Superman, Talking with Roger Stern

Roger Stern has done everything you can do in comics, from fanzines, to editing. From writing comics to writing novels about them. Stern was nice enough to take time out to answer some questions from CBR's Rik Offenberger.