Articles by Michael San Giacomo


Siegel & Shuster Relatives Unite at Siegel House

Having completed its restoration of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, the Siegel & Shuster Society hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony that saw a meeting of Siegel and co-creator Joe Shuster's surviving relatives.


Frank McGee's True Heroics in Comics

In honor of Black History Month, CBR brings you the story of Frank McGee, a U.S. soldier in the Korean war whose heroism was so great, it was adapted for a 1950s comic. Problem was, the comic portrayed McGee as a white man.


Harvey Pekar Talks "Leave Me Alone!" Opera

Harvey Pekar talks to CBR News about "Leave Me Alone!" - the new "jazz opera" that will be performed for one night only in Ohio. But fear not, you can watch it live online, and we've got an audio excerpt featuring Robert Crumb!