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Heroes Con: Day One

Michael Patrick Sullivan files his first of three reports from Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the latest from the Cup O' Joe and Warren Ellis' appearance.


Joe Quesada - Cup O' Joe MegaCon 2005

Marvel Comics EiC Joe Quesada held one of his regularly scheduled Cup O' Joe panels at the MegaCon Convention in Orlando, Florida this weekend, addressing a wide variety of concerns and questions from eager fans.


Chicago, Day 3: Vertigo/"Constantine" Panel

DC Comics revealed some plans for their Vertigo line Sunday including a new Hellblazer mini-series, "Swamp Thing" news and more, plus a preview of the upcoming movie "Constantine" starring Keanu Reeves.


Chicago, Day 1: Quesada talks with fans at Cup O' Joe

Joe Quesada held court over Wizard World Chicago, revealing plans for the company through 2005, including their Young Guns Initiative, Ellis' "Ultimate Secret," Stan Lee on "Spider-Man: The End," the current status of "NYX" and much more. Updated


CHICAGO DAY 1: New Superman Miniseries, Creative Teams Announced

DC Comics finalizes the new Superman creative teams, and announces new miniseries with familiar faces (or in one case, a familiar facelessness) appearing in Metropolis for the first time, and Superman battles one of his legendary foes for the first time. Updated with additional art


The current state of CrossGen and beyond

[CrossGen]WizardWorld 2002 CrossGen's Mark Alessi discusses his company's current focus, what's next for Comics on the Web and getting their books to a wider audience through bookstores and libraries.

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