Articles by Michael Patrick Sullivan


Paul Grist talks "Jack Staff Special"

After a long delay, Paul Grist returns with his indie comics hero Jack Staff in Image's "Jack Staff Special," a new one-shot released this month. CBR News spoke with Grist about the special issue.


Worley Lets Loose Giffen & Denton's "The Revenant"

Comics2Film founder Rob Worley returns to the stands as the writer of a pulp-inspired tale of justice and vengeance featuring a character created by Keith Giffen and Shannon Denton. Worley talks to CBR about "The Revenant."


Casey "Flips" for "The Next Issue Project"

With forgotten hero Flip Falcon, Joe Casey & Bill Sienkiewicz take a break from the 21st century to revisit a Golden Age obscurity in Image Comics' bold experiment, "The Next Issue Project."


Higuera Seeks Out a "New World Order"

Gustavo Higuera writes a story close to his heart in his debut from Image Comics, "New World Order", a miniseries about the occult, conspiracies and the power of ordinary people to change the world.


Sable Gets "Hazed" by Image in February

Writer Mark Sable delves into the dark and comic world of college sororities with his OGN "Hazed." Sable spoke with CBR about the book, the research he undertook and whether or not he was ever hazed himself. PLUS, an exclusive preview!


Moore Gives Good Karma in "'76"

In "'76" from Image Comics, writer B. Clay Moore brings the era of funk, soul, guns and kung fu to the modern comics page in one half of a double-feature miniseries that wears bell-bottoms and brass knuckles.


CCI XTRA: NBC Unveils New "Bionic Woman"

A capacity crowd gathered at the start of Saturday's events at CCI in San Diego to meet with the cast and producers of the new "Bionic Woman" TV series and be the first to see the pilot.


CCI: Kidwell Enters Frazetta's Dark Kingdom

Mark Kidwell pens a tale of piracy and fantasy based on Frank Frazetta's painting "Dark Kingdom." Kidwell talks to CBR News about his involvement in the burgeoning Frazetta Universe at Image Comics.


"Lucha Libre" Unmasks at Image Comics

A band of masked Mexican wrestlers will defend East LA from crime in an insane new anthology from Image Comics. CBR News spoke with writer Jerry Frissen about "Lucha Libre."


Kyle Baker Deploys His "Special Forces"

Cartoonist Kyle Baker takes on the U.S. military in "Special Forces," a political satire from Image Comics. Baker examines what might happen when recruiting standards are lowered to meet quotas.

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