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Lieberman & Rossmo's "Cowboy Ninja Viking"

Series creators A. J. Lieberman and Riley Rossmo talk to CBR about "Cowboy Ninja Viking," a book about a covert agent who happens to have multiple personality disorder...and that doesn't even scratch the new series' surface.

Jimmie Robinson Talks Bomb Queen Vs. Obama!

Jimmie Robinson's Bomb Queen faces a post-Bush world where her new enemy will be her greatest yet: President Obama, in an appearance that turns the Obama comics trend upside down. We spoke with Robinson.

Dolce, Perry & Navarro Talk "Descendant"

Creators Mike Dolce, Marcus Perry and Mariano Navarro talk about their new Shadowline book "Descendant," and the role that bananas played in the creation of a pyrokinetic counter terrorist agent.

Edmonson Looks Up to "Olympus"

Writer Nathan Edmonson talks to CBR about his and artist Christian Ward's "Olympus," bringing the trials of Castor & Pollux into the future with covers by Tommy Lee Edwards, Frank Quitely, Paul Pope, and Tony Harris.

Breaking Down Image's "Pherone"

The creative team of writer/artist Viktor Kalvachev and co-writers Patrick Baggatta & Jim Sink look to put a stylish spin on the sexy spy genre. Producer Philo Northrup breaks down the violent seductress of Image's "Pherone."

Smith & Kirkbride Fire Off "Popgun" Vol. 3

As mixtapes were to the '80s, burned CDs to the '90s, and playlists to this decade, comics compilations will be to the next. That's the idea behind the "Popgun" anthology. We spoke with editors Mark Andrew Smith & D.J. Kirkbride.

Carter & Byrne on Lovecraft's Strange Adventures

Creators Mac Carter & Adam Byrne talk about recasting the legendary author of the Cthulhu mythos as an adventurer in the realms about which he wrote, in "The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft."

Williamson Digs Up "Johnny Monster"

"Dear Dracula" writer Joshua Williamson's new miniseries "Johnny Monster" follows a heroic young boy who fights the monsters of beneath the Earth. The only problem is, those monsters raised him in the first place...

Ivan Brandon Conquers Image with "Viking"

The writer of "The Cross Bronx," "NYC Mech" and the mastermind behind "24Seven," Ivan Brandon talks to CBR News about his and Nic Klein's buzzy new Image series, "Viking," and the period book's rooting in crime fiction.

Bond & Naraghi Chase Archibald in New One-Shot

His brother is dead, and in a stunning, Fleischer-esque world of darkness and deception, he will see justice done. Oh, and he's an aardvark. Creators Grant Bond & Dara Naraghi talk to CBR about "Archibald Chases the Dragon."

Ted McKeever Talks Library Editions of Classic Works

With two volumes of Shadowline's definitive Ted McKeever Library on sale now, CBR News speaks with the venerable writer/artist about his classic works, the details of the reprint volumes, and what's next.

Shady Talks "Missing The Boat"

Justin Shady imagines a species simply too lazy to live in "Missing The Boat," an all-ages graphic novel from Shadowline that explains what happened to the creatures that didn't make it in time to catch Noah's Ark.

Bechko & Hardman Go to "Heathentown"

Shrouded in darkness and mystery, the Everglades are the setting for Corinna Sara Bechko and Gabriel Hardman's "Heathentown," a new graphic novel in which many grisly secrets are uncovered deep in the Florida swamps.

Mariotte On The Case in "Zombie Cop"

Being a big city cop is hard enough without a zombie plague, but as a zombie himself, Detective Joe Mundy has it even harder. Writer Jeff Mariotte talks to CBR about the new graphic novel.

Liefeld Unleashes Armageddon... Now!

Behind comics vet Rob Liefeld are capes, tights and impossibly big guns. Ahead of him are geo-political machinations and nothing less than the End Times in "Armageddon Now." We spoke with Liefeld about the project.

Cahill & Damoose on I Hate Gallant Girl

Renée Tempete was just a superhero wannabe who entered a pageant to become the next Gallant Girl. She lost. Creators Cat Cahill & Seth Damoose talk to CBR about "I Hate Gallant Girl."

Grecian & Rossmo Establish "Proof"

He’s a nice man. He’s middle-aged. He's polite. He’s a sasquatch. They call him Proof. Creators Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo talk about their popular, weird wildlife series and what’s in store in the issues to come.

Williamson Addresses Dear Dracula

Step aside, Santa Claus, because it's Halloween and there's one little boy who's writing a letter that starts with the words "Dear Dracula." Writer Joshua Williamson talks to CBR about his unique children's graphic novel.

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