Articles by Michael Niziolek


WW Chicago: DC's Sunday Conversation

DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio along with other DC staffers met with fans last Sunday to discuss their mutual love of comics, touching on longtime faves and recent controversies, including "Death of the New Gods."


WW Chicago: Lucasfilm's "Star Wars" Panel

It's a big year for Star Wars fans with the "Clone Wars" television series and "The Force Unleashed" video game coming this fall. On Saturday at WW Chicago, Lucasfilm gave fans a glimpse of what's in store for both projects


WW Chicago: Wonder Woman Spotlight

Gail Simone, Aaron Lopresti and Greg Rucka took to the WizardWorld Chicago stage on Saturday to discuss the challenges and rewards of telling stories about DC's Amazonian princess.


WW Chicago: Tony Daniel Spotlight

Fans attending WizardWorld Chicago got the chance to get the scoop on DC Comics' "Batman R.I.P." from the storyline's penciller himself, Tony Daniel, at his panel this past Saturday night.


WW Chicago: Johns Vs. Bendis

The first ever semi-official joint Marvel/DC panel? Johns and Bendis hijack their own presentation for an inter-company, multi-creator discussion of some of the biggest issues in comic books today.


WW Chicago: Vertigo: Edgy and Evocative

WizardWorld Chicago attendees expecting to hear about Vertigo's upcoming plans at DC Comics Vertigo panel were instead treated to a one-on-one panel with Brian Azzarello discussing his work for Vertigo and DC.