Articles by Michael Berry


WonderCon: Spotlight on Brian Wood

"DMZ" author Brian Wood steps into the WonderCon spotlight and talks about wrapping up plotlines in "Local" and spinning new ones for "Northlanders" and "The New York Four."


WonderCon: Spotlight on Terry Moore

Writer/illustrator Terry Moore discusses the aftermath of the self-published saga "Strangers in Paradise," the birth of "Echo" and stepping into new assignments at Marvel.


WonderCon: DC Nation Panel

Moderated by Dan DiDio, the DCU Nation panel at WonderCon discusses the wrap-up of "52," the run-up to "Countdown" and cryptic changes throughout the superhero universe, including the end of "Green Arrow."


WonderCon: "300" Panel Discussion

A vast horde of fans turned out to preview the screen adaptation of Frank Miller's epic graphic novel. CBR was on hand and we've got the full report.


WonderCon DCU Panel: "The Best Is Yet to Come"

The entire DCU is gearing up for "One Year Later" and "52" and the DC staff talked about some of their plans Saturday afternoon at WonderCon. We've got a full report that includes news of Grant Morrison writing a Batman comic.


Grant Morrison in the Spotlight @ WonderCon

Saturday afternoon at WonderCon the spotlight was turned on writer Grant Morrison. Among the highlights was Morrison revealing plans for an "Invisibles" follow-up, the status of the various movie adaptations in the pipeline and much more.


Vertigo Panel Report from WonderCon

DC Comics updated fans on the status of their Vertigo imprint Friday afternoon at WonderCon and announced details of a drawing to be held Saturday morning for fans to see an advance screening of "V for Vendetta."