Articles by Mark Cronan

CCI: CBS's Elementary Brings Sherlock Holmes to New York


A Comic-Con International audience was treated to a screening of the pilot for Elementary, CBS's modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes, followed by a Q&A with stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, and the executive producers.

CCI: Psych Panel


The cast and creators of USA Network's "Psych" treated a crowd at Comic-Con International to song, dance, previews, bloopers and a glimpse behind the scenes of the hit police procedural/comedy. Oh, and also the story behind the hidden pineapple in each episode.

CCI: The Event Screening And Q&A


At Comic-Con International, NBC debuted the pilot of its upcoming conspiracy thriller "The Event" for attendees, followed by a very brief question-and-answer session with the cast and producers. The series, which stars Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter, Sara Roemer, Laura Innes and Željko Ivanek, debuts on Sept. 20.

CCI: 'The Anti-Heroes Of Showtime' Panel


Actors and creators behind four of Showtime's hit series -- "Dexter," "Californication," "Weeds" and "Nurse Jackie" -- appeared at Comic-Con International to talk about the appeal of their shows' anti-heroes, and what viewers can expect from the upcoming seasons.

CCI: Supernatural Screening And Q&A


During the panel at Comic-Con International for The CW's cult-hit series "Supernatural," the cast and producers talked about the apocalypse-averting season finale, and the significant change in direction that lies ahead.

CCI: Showtime's Dexter Panel


The cast and producers of Showtime's Dexter gave an audience in a packed ballroom at Comic-Con International a sneak peek of what's in store for the hit series' fifth season.

CCI: 'TV Guide Magazine: The 2010 Hot List'


Friday's packed "TV Guide Magazine: The 2010 Hot List" panel at Comic-Con International featured stars from such genre series as Chuck, The Cape, Human Target, No Ordinary Family and V.

CCI: Caprica, Battlestar And Beyond


At Comic-Con International on Thursday, Battlestar Galactica actor Richard Hatch led a discussion about Caprica, and the themes, music and legacy of BSG.