Articles by Kathryn Longua


WC10: Return to Jurassic Park

IDW senior editor and first time writer, Bob Schreck is joined by artists Nate Van Dyke and Tom Yeates to discuss the upcoming comic "Jurassic Park: Redemption" as well as future "Jurassic Park" projects.


WC10: David Finch

David Finch joined WonderCon attendees to discuss his recent move from Marvel to DC Comics, hold an impromptu art critique with his tiniest fan, reveal his dream inter-company character team-up and more.


WC10: Colleen Doran

Colleen Doran was joined at her WonderCon panel by writer Derek McCulloch to discuss their upcoming graphic novel "Gone to Amerikay," as well as the ending to "A Distant Soil" and the possibility of an ADS movie.


WC10: The "Kick-Ass" Panel

The cast and crew of "Kick-Ass" took to the stage at WonderCon, along with co-creator John Romita Jr., to discuss the movie, the character of Hit-Girl, Red Mist's car, the possibility of a sequel and more.


WC10: Flynn Lives!

WonderCon came to a wild start for "Tron" fans on Friday, when 42 Entertainment launched "Flynn Lives," a viral marketing project in support of the hotly anticipated "Tron Legacy." CBR was there.