Articles by Jonathan Callan


Wishing "Penny Arcade" Happy Birthday with Tycho

In the first of a two-part interview, CBR News sits down with creator/character Tycho from the wildly popular webcomic "Penny Arcade" to discuss the wild ride he and Gabe have taken over the past nine years.


In-Depth with Fred Van Lente

Incoming "Hulk" writer Fred Van Lente's cult hit "Action Philosophers!" concluded last week, and CBR News spoke with him about philosophy, death threats, Grant Morrison and M.O.D.O.K!


WWP: Building the DCU Panel

More DC News to come from philly, with Dwayne McDuffie writing "Justice League of America," more on Waid's return to "The Flash" and more.


WildStorm @ Wizard World Philadelphia

DC Comics' Bob Wayne met with WildStorm fans in Philadelphia today to discuss upcoming projects from the DC imprint and give updates on the status of "Wildcats" and "The Authority." UPDATED!

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