Articles by Johanna Stokes

CBR Exclusives

Issue #4

Johanna Stokesd and GIRL IN THE CLUBHOUSE close out the column's special four-week run here at CBR by discussing what girls can do for comics. Johanna talks with industry pros Scott Allie, Renae Geerlings, Devin Grayson and Ross Richie to get their thoughts.

CBR Exclusives

Issue #3

Johanna's back this week, this time taking a hard look at comic covers. What appeals to a female reader as opposed to a male reader? What catches her eye when she goes in a comic shop?

CBR Exclusives

Issue #2

With comics gaining wider appeal these days, especially amongst women, the traditional comic shop has changed dramatically. Johanna checked out some very different comic shops in LA and shared her experiences shopping at them as a woman.

CBR Exclusives

Issue #1

CBR Columns Special Event For the next four weeks, writer Johanna Stokes will join the ranks of CBR editorial to bring you a very different perspecitve on the world of comics fandom. Week one sees some very good advice for the men in the audience.