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CUP O' JOE: Marvelman!

CBR Exclusives

In the first post-Comic-Con edition of CUP O' JOE, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada talks to CBR about his convention experience, Marvel's big Marvelman news, and how the publisher plans to structure its new "events."

CCI Cup O' Doodle: Marvelman


Joe Quesada presents the creative process behind the creation of the first official Marvelman piece of artwork in nearly two decades in this special Comic-Con International edition of Cup O' Doodles.

CUP O' JOE: Animation, Foilogram

CBR Exclusives

Joe Quesada discusses his additional job as Marvel's Chief Creative Officer of Animation, updates you on the long-awaited "Black Panther" animated series for BET, and talks about the new "Web of Spider-Man" monthly.

CUP O' Q&A: Spider-Woman! Clone Saga!

CBR Exclusives

Joe Quesada answers your questions about topics like what gear he uses to draw to the digital preservation of Marvel's archives. Plus the exclusive debut of the "Spider-Woman" motion comics trailer!

Cup O' Iron Doodles

CBR Exclusives

Joe Quesada takes you behind the scenes and shows you some work that perhaps you've not seen quite like this, a series of illustrations done for the Iron Man direct-to-dvd animated release.

CUP O' JOE: Thor, X-Factor, Punisher MAX

CBR Exclusives

In today's all-new CUP O' JOE, the Marvel Editor-in-Chief discusses writer J. Michael Straczynski's departure from the popular "Thor" and responds to Rob Liefeld's concerns about Shatterstar's homosexuality.

Cup O' "Reborn" Doodles

CBR Exclusives

Joe Quesada wishes you a Happy Independence Day by taking you through his step-by-step process to create a variant cover for "Captain America: Reborn" #1.

Cup O' Q&A: Joe's Final Word on $3.99

CBR Exclusives

In this all-new CUP O' Q&A, Joe Quesada tackles the subject most asked about by CBR readers: Marvel's $3.99 price point. Joe goes in-depth on the topic, also addressing Marvel's MAX and younger readers lines.

Cup O' Joe: Spider-Girl, Cons, Waid, & More!

CBR Exclusives

Joe Quesada is back with loads of exclusive artwork and insights into Marvel's process for new events and series, thoughts on convention season, surprising revelations about Spider-Girl, and an amazing story from Mark Waid.

Cup O' Q&A: Runaways, Hulk, Dazzler

CBR Exclusives

In this week's CUP O' Q&A, Joe Quesada goes in-depth on the future of Runaways and its creators, the fate of Iron Man and Pepper Potts, and what exactly is up with Dazzler's chances for a solo title.

Cup O' Senior Editor Agenda Doodle?

CBR Exclusives

You've seen Joe's cover process and you've seen random doodles here on Cup O' Joe. This time, it's doodles over the notes for a Senior Editorial Meeting! What future plans can be gleaned from this document?

Cup O' Cap Doodles

CBR Exclusives

Joe shares with you five doodles of Captain America he worked on during a Marvel creative summit held to discuss the events following Cap's death in "Captain America" #25.

Cup O' Q&A!

CBR Exclusives

In this first installment in an ongoing series of CUP O' JOE fan question-and-answer sessions, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada talks about long-delayed projects and goes in-depth about the return of "The Clone Saga."

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