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The Birth of Miles Morales

With a new face under Ultimate Spider-Man's mask, Marvel CCO Joe Quesada returns with his take on the character's creation and the overpowering public reaction, plus an exclusive look at the Ultimate Spidey cartoon!

CBR Exclusives

TALK TO THE HAT: The Amazing Spider-Franchise

Tom Brevoort speaks on the current state of Spider-Man from the FCBD special kicking off "Spider-Island" to the difference between today and Brand New Day, while addressing current concerns over Marvel Comics page counts and more!

CBR Exclusives

TALK TO THE HAT: Brevoort's "Thor" Philosophy

In honor of the new Marvel Studios film, Tom Brevoort opens up on the ins and outs of "Thor" including how the god hero works on Asgard and Earth and his shifting secret identities. Plus, the behind-the-scenes story of the new Ultimate U.

CBR Exclusives

TALK TO THE HAT: Ultimate Creative Calls

Tom Brevoort digs into how which the biggest events and newest series at Marvel get made, from the cliffhanger ending at the heart of "Death of Spider-Man" to new characters in "Vengeance" to the "Captain America" relaunch.

CBR Exclusives


Marvel's SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort is once again locked and loaded to speak directly to readers in an all-fan question installment of his weekly column focusing on "Fear Itself," comic violence and the Avengers line.

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