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Round Table With Merlin's Knights

Eoin Macken, Rupert Young, Tom Hopper and Adetomiwa Edun, who play Arthur's knights on Syfy's Merlin, discuss their augmented roles in the fourth season of the fantasy series.


Heroes' Masi Oka Goes Obi-Wan On Hawaii Five-0

Heroes star Masi Oka, who traveled through space and time as Hiro Nakamura, makes the leap to the coroner's office for his recurring role as Max Bergman in the remake of Hawaii Five-0. The series debuts tonight at 10 EST/PST on CBS.


Countdown to The Event, Part II: Željko Ivanek and Lisa Vidal

As Spinoff Online continues the countdown to the debut of NBC's new sci-fi/conspiracy thriller The Event, we talk to Željko Ivanek, who plays Director of National Intelligence Blake Sterling, and Lisa Vidal, who portrays First Lady Christina Martinez.


Countdown to The Event, Part I: Creator Nick Wauters

As NBC prepares to debut its new sci-fi conspiracy thriller The Event next Monday, Spinoff Online talks to creator and executive producer Nick Wauters about the origin of the series, casting established actors like Blair Underwood and Laura Innes, and striking a balance between crafting a complicated mystery and rewarding viewers with answers.


Exploring Eureka's Past With Colin Ferguson And Jaime Paglia

Syfy's hit series Eureka returns tonight for its fourth season, bringing with it new cast member James Callis (Battlestar Galactica) and a bold new story arc. Co-creator Jaime Paglia and star Colin Ferguson talk to Spinoff Online about what viewers can expect. Warning: Spoilers!


Allison Scagliotti Opens The Vault On Warehouse 13

As Warehouse 13 returns tonight for a second season on Syfy, co-star Allison Scagliotti talks to Spinoff Online about what's in store for her character Claudia, fan reaction, and playing on of the Wonder Twins on Smallville.


Starz Executive Talks New Torchwood Series

Following yesterday's announcement that Starz has acquired the U.S. rights for a 10-episode fourth series of Torchwood, Spinoff Online spoke with Stephan Shelanski, the network's senior vice president of programming and originals, about how the deal came together and what the show's devoted fans can expect.


The Magic Of Merlin's Angel Coulby

As Merlin reaches season-high ratings on Syfy, co-star Angel Coulby talks to Spinoff Online about Gwen, the appeal of fantasy and the Arthurian legends, and her character's developing love triangle with Arthur and Lancelot.


Fringe's Jasika Nicole: The New Adventures Of Old Astrid

Fringe's Jasika Nicole talks to Spinoff Online about the changes in store for her character Astrid, her friendship with co-star John Noble, and how the closing moments of the season finale signal a dramatic shift for the science-fiction series. Warning: Spoilers!

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