Articles by James Gartler


Azzarello Scares up a New Take on Wonder Woman

Brian Azzarello discusses about his and Cliff Chiang's horror-based take on DC Comics' most famous female hero, his plans for Wonder Woman's supporting cast, the status of the George Perez origin and much more.


Fan Expo: The X-Men Regenesis Panel

"X-Men Schism" architect Jason Aaron gave hints at the state of the X-Universe in the wake of his event miniseries, as Axel ALonso, C.B. Cebulski and more discussed Regenesis with Fan Expo attendees.


Fan Expo: DC's Bold New 52

During the New 52 panel at Fan Expo, DC Comics creators discussed the ins and outs of their new series, announced the return of the JSA and explained the new DC Universe timeline.


Fan Expo: The "Fear Itself" Panel

Writer Matt Fraction discussed the origins of the death of Bucky and where the Marvel Universe's heroes turn post-"Fear Itself" and Fred Van Lente spoke about future plans for Alpha Flight.


Chester Brown "Pays For It"

Acclaimed cartoonist Chester Brown spoke with CBR News about his latest graphic novel, "Paying For It," which explores his experiences as a john in the world of prostitution.


"Smallville's" A Tale of Two Zods

Before TV's current General Zod Callum Blue commanded Tom Welling's Clark Kent to "Kneel," the producers of "Smallville" had plans for a surprising Doomsday crossover, as actor Sam Witwer tells CBR.