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20 On-Screen Superhero Romances That Came Out Of Nowhere

Irina Curovic

Irina Curovic got into this awesome job when she discovered she’d much rather spend her time writing about the stuff she loves than drafting contracts as she was educated to do. Let’s face it, superheroes are way more interesting than any law book could ever be. For Irina, writing is both a job and a hobby. Her interests are television series, movies, comic books, anime and the occasional video game. Fan art and cosplay hold a special place in Irina’s heart and she loves writing about the talented people who make it all possible. Currently, Irina works as a writer at CBR, and quite honestly, she’s having way too much fun on the job. If you want to know more about Irina you can find her on social media platforms as @irinacurovic.

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