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15 Marvel Movies That Surprisingly Flopped (And 15 That Were Massive Hits)

Irina Curovic

Irina Curovic grew up with shows like X-Men: TAS, Spider-Man: TAS, Yu-Gi-Oh! And Digimon. Naturally, her dream job was saving the world from supervillains, ancient spirits and evils of the digital world. Unfortunately, she soon came to realize that in this boring world we live in professions such as superhero and duelist don’t exit. After trying her luck in law and government, Irina decided to look for something more suited to her childhood dreams. Writing about comics, TV shows and movies proved to be the perfect fit for the once-aspiring member of the X-Men. Currently, Irina works as a writer at CBR, and honestly, she’s having way too much fun on the job. If any of this, or any of her articles, made you want to know more about this nerdy alien, you can find her on social media platforms as @irinacurovic

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