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WC12: The BOOM! Studios Panel


From "Adventure Time" and "Peanuts" to "Fanboys Vs. Zombies" and "Extermination," BOOM! Studios brass discussed the publishers plans and projects for 2012 at WonderCon.

Murder - In The Name Of Science

CBR Exclusives

Character mattered in books from each of the big four publishers this week, melding science and magic while spies became baby daddies, super villains got hypnotized and even great writers stumbled.

Fantasy & Firearms, Science & Static

CBR Exclusives

A dazzling four comic books were so good that they had to be bought, even while the avatars of Order and Chaos and teenagers in love battle it out to see which is so bad it can make rocks cry. (Spoiler alert: it's both)

Four Of A Kind

CBR Exclusives

A quartet of comics jumped from the world of question marks to find their way home, with political tension with heavy metal, fishy things from the New 52, Hawkeye pushed too far before demons and plenty of drama.

The Three Tenets of Thrustiness

CBR Exclusives

Peter Parker spins into another great comic book while winds blow wild in "Fables." The Legion tries hard, The Rock roadblocks his way into the franchise and Optimus Prime goes steampunk.

No Day with "Mostly Fire" Ever Ends Well

CBR Exclusives

A fantastic week of comics with three jumps, great showings from all of the Big Four, from "Star Wars" to Valentine's Day in Iceland, even while Marvel lets us down big time in the Marcus Johnson department.

The Last Girl At The Party

CBR Exclusives

"Secret Avengers" gets a sympathy jump to make it home in a week that washes out on the strength of Batman's surprise, Deadpool's karaoke skillz and Hawkman overthinking things. Really!

CBR Exclusives

Even when science and logic fail the likes of Moon Knight and Supergirl, things go well when Peter Parker make the right moves in a week that wins even when much of the web won't work.

New Year's Wins

CBR Exclusives

2012 gets a solid start with three comics declaring themselves so good that they must be purchased. Doctor Strange leads the way, The Midnighter can finish your sentences and Misty Knight blurs the lines.

All We Hear Is Radio Gaga

CBR Exclusives

Not a bad week for comics led by the brilliance of Natasha Romanov and a surprise from Image Comics while Captain America gets scared, "DMZ" stumbles to a close and Doctor Doom's apparently a moron.

A Hero Ain't Nothin' But A Sandwich

CBR Exclusives

Heroism falls flat in a week that barely wins. As always, "Fables" is choice and well-armed billionaires did all right, but Cap, Optimus Prime and the Justice League need to get it together.

Iron Eclipses and Dreamtime

CBR Exclusives

A shocker win this week as Dark Horse delivers a "Star Wars" comic so good it practically Force chokes you, the holiday spirit holds sway over Asgard and to all, a good night.

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

CBR Exclusives

Scoundrels, villains and misdirection lead the day as the three purchases demand their way to the promised land, with masterminds, sci fi heroes and giant robots reaching but just missing the mark.


CBR Exclusives

Being thankful for a week that wins -- even if it did so by a thin margin -- as Steve Rogers gets clandestine, Adric Fell runs a lot and Tony Stark returns to the pile of purchases alongside one fun dwarf.

Let's You And Him Fight

CBR Exclusives

The kids are just barely all right as cliches run rampant and plots can't find the beat, but the week of comics weakly wins, like a single ray of sunshine poking through storm clouds.

A Contest of Champions

CBR Exclusives

Marvel's bad boys Norman Osborn and Loki lead the way for a great week for loving comics, even though the Serpent's leftovers linger, still dealing with ghosts of crossovers past.

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