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Robots in a New Disguise

CBR Exclusives

Even a truly amazing pop-culture inflected mystery in space can't save the week as Clark Kent is dumber than hay and a horror comic doesn't even try.

True Love in The Age of Lando

CBR Exclusives

"Saga" returns to form and a "Star Wars" book shows scoundrel-ish charm, but industry legends falter and a pirate princess can't fight her way through plot deficiencies.

The Gorilla Comic Didn't Work?

CBR Exclusives

The week fails to satisfy as "Astro City" phones it in, "Transformers" fall short and the Winter Soldier comes in chilly, though many indies made courageous showings.

Of Love and Space Flight

CBR Exclusives

Amorous affections lead to surprising places in a fantastic week, as Thom Zahler does an outstanding job with a new book and "Saga" continues to astound.

Shaft's Big Finale

CBR Exclusives

The swan song for the Dynamite detective makes the week a win - barely - as "Convergence" is like a Bataan Death March and "Secret Wars" loses focus.

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