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CCI, Day 2 - Working With Will Eisner

A group of some of comics' most widely-respected Golden and Silver Age artists reminisced about what it was like to work in the Eisner studios, as part of Friday's panel programming at Comic-Con International in San Diego.


CCI, Day 2: CCI Awards Golden and Silver Age Greats

At a panel during CC, the convention recognized a group of Golden and Silver Age greats including Gene Colan and Harry Harrison by awarding them surprise Inkpot awards. They reminisced about the old days when children's comics sold millions and millions.


SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: Q and A with Joe Quesada

[Marvel]Joe Quesada discusses the Marvel Booth situation, what's next for JMS at Marvel, the 'Ultimization' of Marvel, Brian Bendis' semi-exclusive deal with Marvel and who's taking over on 'Avengers.'

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