Articles by Edward Carey


Brooklyn Book Festival: Spotlight on Comics

Comic book luminaries from the past 40-plus years of comics gathered at the Brooklyn Book Festival in New York last week to discuss the state of the industry, the craft of making comics and more.


Nelson talks Rex Mundi and Religion

With the concluding storyline set to begin in October, writer Arvid Nelson talks to CBR about the role of his own religious beliefs in "Rex Mundi," his acclaimed Dark Horse series about murder, conspiracy and the quest for the Holy Grail.


Spotlight on Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson spoke earlier this month to comics historian Peter Sanderson at New York's Big Apple Con, and CBR was there to hear what the artist had to say about his career in comics and film, with details about Stephen King's "The Mist" and more.


The "Reportage, Memoir and Comics" Panel from MoCCA

In one of the more enlightening panels at MoCCA this past weekend, David Axe ("War Fix"), Greg Cook ("Catch As Catch Can) and Brendan Burfod ("Syncopated") discussed the challenges and benefits to reporting war through comics.


Analyzing "Watchmen" with Peter Sanderson

Comics historian Peter Sanderson gave the second part of his lecture on "Watchmen" at MoCCA in NYC and we've got a full report of this indepth analysis of one of comics greatest stories.


Talking with Rodney Ramos

This past weekend at the Super Comic Fest in Secaucus, NJ, CBR News caught up with aritst Rodney Ramos to get an update on his current work and what it meant to be a "Romita Raider."