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Dylan Balde

Dylan Balde is a freelance artist and news contributor at Comic Book Resources. Her work has appeared on Movie Pilot, Now Loading, and Creators, as well as The Inquisitr and TheThings. She also writes prose and creative nonfiction for Vocal Media. A graduate of the Ateneo de Manila’s History program, Dylan has been an impassioned supporter of the Arts since the age of four, when she was given Enid Blyton over board books, Dickens, Dracula, and Frankenstein over coloring sheets, visual novels and Ghost Rider comic books over dresses, and Greek and Roman mythology over dolls. Growing up, she watched reruns of Paul Soles’s Spider-Man, Go Nagai’s Robot Romance Trilogy, and Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion on TV and fell in love — and she has been wanting to write since then. Trousdale and Wise’s Beauty and the Beast, the Indiana Jones trilogy, and Don Bluth’s The Land Before Time are among her favorite movies. Dylan is a sucker for genre deconstruction, psychological horror, and romantic drama, and is a pathos purist; she is obsessed with thematic storytelling and cathartic narrative, whether in books, anime, movies, video games, or TV. Follow Dylan on Twitter @dylanbalde or like her page on Facebook for more info about her work. She is also on Instagram as @dylionpool, where she routinely posts fanart and photos of her cats.

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