Articles by Dave Sikula


WC11: The Art of the Cover

Superstar cover artists Frank Quitely, Adam Hughes, Bill Sienkiewicz, Francis Manapul, and Amy Reeder gave a packed Wondercon audience the inside scoop on what makes an attractive cover-and what doesn't.


WC11: Dwayne McDuffie Tribute Panel

Friends and colleagues gathered at WonderCon to pay tribute to the late Dwayne McDuffie, sharing memories and stories about the writer who influenced a generation of comics and animation fans.


WC11: Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way

Marvel returned to WonderCon with a Friday panel featuring Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, Jason Aaron and more, telling stories and offering advice for aspiring creators to break into the business.


WC11: Frank Quitely Spotlight

Superstar artist Frank Quitely charmed fans and answered questions ranging from the beginnings of his career, working with Grant Morrison, potential extras for the "We3" and "Flex Mentallo" collections and much more.


WC: James Robinson Panel

"Starman," "Superman" and "The Golden Age" writer James Robinson gave an audience a polite and rapid recap of his life, career, and characters, and some hints at the future, during his Saturday afternoon Wondercon panel.


WonderCon: The Sergio and (not) Mark Show

Sergio Aragones claims to be a poor speaker, but when his writing partner Mark Evanier is stranded in Los Angeles, he entertained with talk of Groo, Conan, Tarzan, and The Spirit.


CMX/Wildstorm Panel @ WonderCon

Sunday saw Wildstorm editor Scott Dunbier lay out details of upcoming releases from Wildstorm, including comments from Morrison & Lee on "Wildcats," Morrison's plans for "The Authority," Gail Simone on "Gen13" and much more.


Crisis Counseling @ WonderCon

For the third time in three days at WonderCon, DC Comics presented "Infinite Crisis" and "52" creators Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns with Dan Didio and Steve Wacker on Sunday to prepare fans for what's to come in the DCU.


"Superman Returns" & Routh Surprises @ WonderCon

Saturday afternoon saw a packed auditorium welcome "Superman Returns" director Bryan Singer to WonderCon in San Francisco. Singer brought with him a special guest, Superman himself, Brandon Routh. We've got a full report from the panel.


Rebuilding the DCU Panel @ WonderCon

In an attempt to get everyone in fandom up to speed on the upcoming changes in the DC Universe, Dan Didio, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, and Steve Wacker (editor of "52") took audience questions at WonderCon Friday evening.