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Dave Richards

When Dave Richards was a young boy his mother bought him several comics as a way of encouraging a love of reading. She was successful in her endeavor, but she also created a lifelong comics fan. In the early 2000s he began writing about comics for CBR shortly after earning his journalism degree from the University of Michigan’s Dearbon campus, and in 2005 he took over the site’s Marvel Comics beat and continues to write about their books to this day. He’s also a frequent contributor to Macmillan Publishing’s crime fiction blog, Criminal Element, where he frequently writes about comics and the other areas of pop culture they inspire.

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Behind the scenes with “Punisher” writer Michael France
Behind the scenes with “Punisher” writer Michael France
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April 16th criminals will learn to fear The Punisher as the film is set to launch in theaters everywhere. Screenwriter Michael France discusses the process of bringing Marvel's vigilante to the big screen, what didn't make it into the final draft, what you will and won't see from the comics and what's next for the writer.
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