Articles by Dave Golbitz

Chicago Live Art After Party


For comic creators, the convention day is packed with signings and panels, but the real fun happens at night. This past weekend in Chicago, Jim Mahfood, Mike Huddleston, Dave Crosland, Jose Garibaldi and Mike Bianco held a live art after party and we've got a recap.

WWC: DC Universe Editorial Panel


A busy DC Editorial panel headed up by Dan DiDio revealed some interesting developments in the DCU. DiDio was joined by Giffen, Daniel, the Kuberts, Johns, Starlin, Wayne and Levitz. Read on for the full skinny.

WWC: Top Cow Panel


Lots of updates on Top Cow projects from Chicago, including news on the "Wanted" film front, new compendiums for "Witchblade," "The Darkness" and "Tomb Raider" and much more.

WWC: The DC Nation Panel


Lots of news tidbits and entertaining answers at the DC Nation panel in Chicago today as DC's Dan DiDio held court with an excited audience in attendance.