Articles by Dan Wickline


Beware the Might of the Blizzard

Dan Wickline went to his first ever BlizzCon, the convention put on by "World of Warcraft" makers Blizzard Entertainment. What do Jim Lee, DC Comics and Tokyopop have to do with it? Dan filed this report.


Death And The Warrior: Pulido talks "Lady Death/Shi"

This February, two of the most popular female characters in comics meet for the very fist time. Brian Pulido handles the writing on "Lady Death/Shi," and we caught up with the writer for the details on how this cross-over got started.


The Chronicles of Garth: Ennis talks "Wormwood"

What's next from the writer who brings you the Punisher's wild adventures and the creator of "Preacher?" A title following the Anti-Christ, of course. CBR News sat down with Garth Ennis to discuss his new Avatar Press series, "Chronicles of Wormwood."


A Report from the Phoenix Cactus Comic-Con

Writer Dan Wickline checks in with a report from his visit to the Phoenix Cactus Comic-Con this past weekend in Arizona. Plus, we've got loads of photos of your favorite creators and some passionate guests.


Tone Rodriguez and Dan Wickline in "Road To Dallas"

A few short weeks ago the latest Wizard World convention hit Dallas, Texas. Writer Dan Wickline and Artist Tone Rodriguez drove from Los Angeles to Dallas to visit the show and Dan dropped by with a huge number of photos and a write-up of his road/con trip.