Articles by Chris Ullrich

SXSW: Comics on Handhelds


Dan Goldman, Uclick's Douglas Edwards, Dr Sketchy's Molly Crabapple and "Comic Book Tattoo" editor Rantz Hoseley took part in a South by Southwest panel focusing on comics and mobile devices like iPhone and Kindle 2.

CCI XTRA: The Jack Kirby Tribute Panel


An elite panel including Neil Gaiman, Erik Larsen and Darwyn Cooke gathered at Comic-Con to discuss the enduring influence and legacy of one of comics' most celebrated figures: Jack Kirby.

CCI: The IDW Panel


IDW publishing revealed some exclusive details about its upcoming projects and CBR was there to catch all the details.

CCI: The Image Comics Panel


Some of the best and brightest from the Image Comics roster got together to discuss their upcoming projects and CBR News was there.

Creativity and Comics Thrive in Portland


Home to a flourishing indie comics community and major plublishers Top Shelf, Oni Press and Dark Horse Comics, why has Portland, Oregon become a comic book capital? CBR News investigates.