Articles by Chad Nevett

Power Girl #16

Power Girl's secret identity is out and it's unintentionally comical with its over-the-top melodrama.

Secret Avengers #5

Who is the Nick Fury working for in the Shadow Council? Find out here!

Nemesis #3

Nemesis arrives at prison... let the slaughter begin.

Thor #615

A new run begins as questions about Asgard's presence on Earth are asked.

Velocity #2

Velocity must save her Cyberforce teammates from a deadly virus and has less than an hour to do so! Oh noes!

Joe the Barbarian #7

The final battle between the forces of Playtown and King Death begins!

Thor: For Asgard #2

Ragnarök approaches, infusing Asgard with a healthy dose of fear and loathing.

Pale Horse #4

Cole tries to get his revenge, but the end of the Civil War and Lincoln's assassination may make things more difficult.

The Unwritten #17

You choose the origin of Lizzie Hexam in this ambitious issue of "The Unwritten!"

Prison Pit Book Two

Obscene, vulgar, and over-the-top, "Prison Pit" Book Two continues the non-stop stream of violence that the first book began.

Greek Street #15

The final story begins and it's a rushed, misguided attempt to begin to wrap the series up.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #2

Nerd Hulk goes off the reservation and proves Captain America right for thinking him an incompetent who can't fight.

Doc Savage #6

"First Wave" mastermind Brian Azzarello comes aboard with Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein to produce a gripping, compelling comic.

The Thanos Imperative #4

Thanos is dead and the good guys look screwed, but Nova and his band of heroes may just prove that idea wrong.

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