Articles by Chad Nevett

Age of X Universe #2

Killing mutants? Good. Killing mutant children? Not good. Gotta wait until they're 18. Okay, maybe 16.

Secret Avengers #12.1

The Secret Avengers have 30 minutes to save one life out of hundreds. Because Steve Rogers says so!

Avengers #12.1

30 pages of story and no ads? Now, that's how you lure in new readers!

Malignant Man #1

So, it turns out that, sometimes, cancer saves your life. Comics are full of brilliant bits of information!

Deadpool MAX #7

In this comic, Domino is the Black Widow who is a crazy lady. The MAX universe is awesome.

Avengers #12

Thanos vs. the Hood! PSYCH! HA! Gotcha! You should see the look on your face...

Doc Savage #13

Doc Savage versus a mummy? Sounds cool, but it's not.

X-Men Legacy #247

How did the Age of X come to be? The answer may surprise you! Or disappoint you.

Journey into Mystery #622

Loki as an adult: jerky and kind of a creep. Loki as a kid: mischievous and precocious. That doesn't seem fair somehow.

First Wave Special #1

The Avenger avenges a mob boss' attempt to avenge the Avenger's vengeance against a paroled criminal.

Annihilators #2

The Annihilators kick butt and Rocket Raccoon saves Groot from woodpeckers.

Uncanny X-Men #534.1

Kieron Gillen debuts as sole writer of "Uncanny X-Men" and tackles the 'Magneto problem.'

Nonplayer #1

Gorgeous art? Strong writing? Nate Simpson wows in his first comic work!

Scarlet #5

Scarlet meets her adoring (and not so adoring) public and things get a little explosive.

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