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Charles Dean

Charles Dean is a contributing writer for Comic Book Resources, writing features and those lists you all know and love. Charles has been passionate about comic books since he was a mere child and was gifted a dingy box of half-torn DC and Marvel comics. Before writing for CBR, Charles was just annoying friends, family, and random passersby with his thoughts on the latest Marvel event series or the latest superhero movie. Thankfully, the good folks at CBR allow him to come in from the streets and put words on the Internet. If you like his writing, but you’re sick of his rants and ridiculous ideas about comic books and superheroes, you can find more words written by him about movies, TV, technology, and automobiles all over the Internet. Or just drop a kind email and he will rant directly at you one-on-one: charlesdeanwrites(at)gmail.com.

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