Articles by Brian Warmoth


C2E2: DC Icons

During C2E2's DC Icons panel, Paul Cornell spoke about his approach to the Man of Steel, Phil Hester hinted at what's to come in the pages of "Wonder Woman" and Dan DiDio summarized DC's current mission statement.


C2E2: Dark Horse Video Games & Comics

Promising a new series in 2011, the Dark Horse team predicted an expanded "Mass Effect" universe that will rival "Star Wars" in size and scope in the coming years during their Friday panel at C2E2.


C2E2: Aspen Comic Panel

Joe Benitez's new series "Lady Mechanika" and big promises for digital publishing in the near future were topics of discussion at Aspen's panel, where they also confirmed statuses on the "Fathom" and "Soulfire" films.


C2E2: Bill Willingham Spotlight

"Fables," "Angel" and "JSA" writer Bill Willingham pledged one spoiler per project during his C2E2 panel and subsequently revealed to fans a marriage in store for Snow White, new prophecies for Spike and more.


C2E2: G.I. Joe

At C2E2, panelists from IDW's G.I. Joe team announced writer Larry Hama's renewed run on "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" and address the return of Serpentor and Crystal Ball's Alan Moore makeover. CBR was there.


C2E2: Jeff Smith Spotlight

"Bone" and "RASL" creator, Jeff Smith, got a hand from Mark Waid at his Saturday panel at C2E2, addressed an attempted "Bone" ban in Minnesota, and discussed the "Bone" animated film and the digital future of comics.


C2E2: Vertigo Panel

Karen Berger laid out the next few months of plans for DC's literary imprint with a panel including Bill Willingham, Peter Straub and Cliff Chiang, who shared the story of his career-steering email from Neil Young.


C2E2: "Irredeemable's" Anniversary Panel

Creator Mark Waid commemorated one year of "Irredeemable" with revelations about pushing artist Peter Krause too far, what he's taking a chance on entering year two and how many "I" titles he has left to unveil.


"Spider-Man:" Who Will Play Peter Parker?

With Sam Raimi out and Sony officially rebooting the franchise with a high school cast, here are a few of CBR's picks for Peter, MJ, Gwen Stacy and their pals, some of whom could be more likely that you think...


CCC09: Alex Maleev's Digital Pencils

Last weeked in Chicago, former "Daredevil" artist Alex Maleev gave an overview of the shift in technology from his early art career to this year's animated iTunes release, "Spider-Woman."


CCC09: Dan Slott Talks Spider-Man

"Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott met with Chicago fans to discuss Marc Guggenheim's love of the Ben Reilly era, plans for Mr. Negative, and recent Mary Jane revelations. CBR was there to get the details.


CCC09: Disney's Kingdom Comics

Christian Beranek previewed plans for Disney's Kingdom Comics line at Wizard Wold Chicago. While not getting specific, the editor confirmed Kingdom will focus on re-imagined live-action properties.


Webcomics To Watch: Jon Rosenberg on "Goats"

Webcomics matter more than ever in 2009, and CBR News looks at five creators you should know on the shelves, at the show, and on the Web. First up is Jon Rosenberg, creator of the Douglas Adams-esque "Goats."