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Chat Transcript: Elliot S! Maggin


Last week CBR hosted a chat with writer Elliot S! Maggin known for his years writing Superman stories at DC Comics as well as the novelization of the "Kingdom Come" graphic novel.

Chat Transcript: Tania Del Rio


We've got another fun chat transcript for you, this time with writer/artist Tania Del Rio who's handling the creative chores on the Archie Comics title "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch."

Chat Transcript: Writer Steve Englehart


With as lengthy a career as Steve Englehart has had, you might expect there'd be a lengthy chat transcript and you're right! Steve tackles all sorts of questions, from his work at Marvel & DC to the Ultraverse, as well as a look at what's coming up next for the writer.

Chat Transcript: Writer Marc Andreyko


Writer Marc Andreyko stopped by recently for one of our regular creator chats here at CBR. Marc spoke with fans about developments in "Manhunter," announced a new Image project and surprise guests Stephen Sadowski and Gail Simone stopped by.

Chat Transcript: Writer David Hine


Last week CBR played host to a chat with comic creator David Hine, the writer of the upcoming "Son of M" from Marvel. Hine spoke about his upcoming work at Marvel, some of his plans for "Spawn" when he takes over the series, the DC book that almost was and much more.

Chat Transcript: Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie


This past Tuesday, Dark Horse Comics editor Scott Allie took part in our regular CBR Chats talking about everything and anything Dark Horse, including the latest on "Hellboy," "Conan" and much more.

Chat Transcript: Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort


Last Thursday saw Marvel Tom Brevoort take the guest chair in the CBR Chat room and answered questions from fans, announced a new "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" series to come next year and much more. Plus, writer Joe Casey stopped by to hang out with fans. We've got the lengthy transcript for you to enjoy.

Chat Transcript: Oni Press' James Lucas Jones


Tuesday night here at CBR we held one of our regular creator chats. This time around Oni Press Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones braved the CBR Chat Room and answered any and all questions posed by those in attendance. The chat included a number of surprise creator appearances.

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