Articles by Braden Rosner


FAN EXPO: Marvel - Your Universe

Mavel staffers including Stephen Wacker, Arune Singh and C.B. Cebulski met with fans in Canada for a spirited discussion about developments with Alpha Flight, Ben Reilly, the Exiles, Runaways and more. CBR was there.


FAN EXPO: Friendly Neighborhood Shadowland

Spider-Man and "Shadowland" got equal billing at Marvel's Saturday panel at Fan Expo Canada, where the publisher announced "Daredevil: Reborn" for January and hinted again that Gambit is the new Man Without Fear.


FAN EXPO: Tron: Legacy 3D Presentation

Fan Expo Canada gave attendees an early look at "Tron: Legacy" footage, as well as a peak at the gameplay of "Tron: Evolution." First impressions are that the sequel is worth the wait.


FAN EXPO: DC Nation Panel

Dan DiDio led a DC Nation panel that included Chris Sprouse, Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, and more as they discussed events in "Batman" and "Brightest Day" and teased what may be Andy Kubert's next project.


FAN EXPO: X-Men Panel

Marvel cast and crew including C.B. Cebulski, Steve Wacker, Leonard Kirk, and Valentine DeLandro met with fans at Fan Expo Canada to discuss current X-Men happenings and hint at new roles for fan-favorite characters.


Fan Expo: Aspen Comics

Representatives from Aspen Comics met with readers at Fan Expo Canada to discuss future publishing plans and movie adaptations, touching on such titles as "Fathom," "Executive Assistant: Iris" and "Dellec."


Fan Expo: Marvel's Dark Reign Panel

Marvel creators and editors met with fans Friday during Toronto's Fan Expo to discuss the latest moves and machinations of Norman Osborn and more during the Dark Reign panel.


Fan Expo: DC Nation Panel

At the DC Nation panel Friday during Fan Expo in Toronto Canada, DC Executive Editor Dan Didio and crew updated fans in attendance on all things "Blackest Night," "Flash," "Wonder Woman" and much more.