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Marvel Comics has released an advance look at the June-debuting "Ka-Zar" miniseries by writer Paul Jenkins and artist Pascal Alixe. The first issue, with a cover by Alixe, roars into comic stores on June 8.


New "Iron Man 2" Stills Released

Paramount has released three new stills from "Iron Man 2, set for release in just a few short weeks. Among the pics are a shot of Iron Man in action, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts together and Iron Man and War Machine.


Meanwhile, in San Diego ...

Never miss a Comic-Con International story from CBR News, with our high-tech story index, now with added Internet. (It's a series of tubes!)


Scott McCloud gets back to basics with "Making Comics"

Thus far he's helped you understand and reinvent comics, but this September Scott McCloud's going to help you make comics. Coming from Harper Collins this September is McCloud's latest work, "Making Comics." We caught up with McCloud to get the latest.


9 to 5, 20 to Life: Adam Beechen's 'Hench'

They're the anonymous extras in every superhero comic, the villainous henchman. This June, writer Adam Beechen makes one henchman not so anonymous, as readers see superhero comics from the thug-level, in the AiT/Planet Lar graphic novel, 'Hench.'


'Ground Zero' Artist O'Malley Now 'Lost at Sea'

Bryan Lee O'Malley, best known as the artist of "Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero," tells his own tale this October in Oni Press' "Lost at Sea." Check out a rough cut of the graphic novel in the largest preview ever run by CBR!


CrossGen CEO Mark Alessi addresses company financial issues

CrossGen CEO and publisher Mark Alessi talks exclusively to CBR News about CrossGen's financial help and online reports that freelancers have not been getting paid in a timely fashion.
UPDATED 8/21/03 4:30 PM Mark Alessi has further clarified CrossGen's current financial position, addressing freelancers directly and comments made in our first article.

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