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Testing OGNs From "Castle" To "Season One"

In the midst of Marvel's first big original graphic novel pushes of the modern era, Axel Alonso speaks to the strengths of the format, the ideas behind a "Castle" tie-in and teases the future of Hawkeye and "Avengers Academy."

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Axel's Early Years

In a special edition of AXEL-IN-CHARGE, Marvel's E-i-C looks back at his early triumphs with the House of Ideas from "Amazing Spider-Man" to "X-Statix" to "Truth," sharing how that work has impacted modern Marvel.

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Breaking Big Events

Fresh from Marvel's latest all-star creative summit, Axel Alonso gives CBR a sneak peek inside the planning for the publisher's next big event, teases Cable's importance to 2012 and opines on DC's New 52 success.

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MARVEL A-I-C: A Day Inside Marvel HQ

CBR stops by Marvel's Manhattan offices to rap with Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about summits, new talent like Brian Wood and long simmering comics like "DD: End of Days" and Garth Ennis' "Fury."

CBR Exclusives

MARVEL A-I-C: Sizing Up The X-Men's Universe

With the battlelines after "Schism" drawn, Marvel Comics E-i-C Axel Alonso is back to discuss how big the X-line can get, the role of an editor in events and solo titles and tease the future of Gambit, Ghost Rider and more.

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