Articles by Augie De Blieck Jr.

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Deep In the Inks

Augie shares some of his experiments with inking, explaining why he's doing it and how it relates to his reviews.


The Walking Dead #116

With part two of "All Out War," the story lives up to its title, as Rick's alliance takes the fight to Negan and chaos ensues.


Drumhellar #1

Riley Rossmo's latest series at Image Comics is nearly indescribable, because it's not entirely clear what's going on. There's a guy, some weird things and an ex-girlfriend.


Ghosted #5

The haunted house of "Ghosted" comes alive and fights back, leaving the team scrambling and fighting between themselves. The zfirst storyline from Joshua Williamson and ends here.

CBR Exclusives

Pre-New York Comic Con Musings

New York Comic Con brings crazier-then-ever marketing! Photorealism versus abstraction! French comics sell millions of copies! Face front, True Believers - it's Pipeline time!


Red Team #5

A complication at the precinct house leads the Red Team to watch their backs very closely. When their next mission is interrupted by a destructive third party, Garth Ennis and Craig Cermak's Red Team is forced to ask some tough questions.

CBR Exclusives

Augie Reminsces Over "Previews"

As "Previews" hits #300, Augie looks back at an old copy of the catalog from 1994 and finds some fun stuff:, including Miracleman, Cerebus, fun Image ads and an Archie cover sketch.

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