Articles by Arune Singh

Mike Carey Celebrates The Present In "Re-Gifters"

Mike Carey is helping to launch DC Comics' all new imprint Minx with "Re-Gifters," an original graphic novel. Plus, early details on "Confessions of a Blabbermouth" and what did Mike learn from Tony Blair? All that and more.

You (Re)Possess My (Cloned) Heart: Rick Spears on "Repo"

"Teenagers From Mars" authors Rick Spears & Rob G are back with "Repo," the story of two small time repo men, an escaped clone, hover cars and ultra-violence. Spears gives CBR the goods and previews six pages from "Repo" #1.

Eric Holmes Turns To The Dark Side In "Megatron Origin"

This May, writer Eric Holmes and IDW bring Transformers fans the origin of that most evil of evil robots -- Megatron. CBR News talked to Holmes about the mini-series, and why some fans may find it controversial.

Preview: "Texas Strangers" #1

It ships this Wednesday, but Image Comics has provided CBR News with an 11 page preview of "Texas Strangers" #1. The wild west has never been so wild!

Preview: "Degrassi: Extra Credit" Volume 4

It's almost Stanley Cup season and the kids in "Degrassi" are in the mood. We've got an exclusive preview of "Degrassi: Extra Credit" Volume 4, so check it out!

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