Articles by Alan Kistler

SDCC: That 70s Panel


George Perez, Val Mayerick, Martin Pasko and more discuss how DC Comics' superhero titles changed in the 1970s, further contrasting the era with the modern approach to comic books.

SDCC: "ElfQuest" - 35 Years and Beyond


"ElfQuest" creators Richard and Wendy Pini alongside a panel of "ElfQuest" experts discussed the current state of the popular comic and the future of the franchise, including new comics from Dark Horse.

Kneel Before the Many Incarnations of Zod


How has General Dru-Zod evolved into one of Superman's most famous arch-foes? Fresh off his most recent appearance in "Man of Steel," CBR News examines the many incarnations of this Kryptonian villain.

"X-Men" Is No Stranger To Powerful Women


Following the announcement of Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel's "X-Men" relaunch featuring an all-female cast, Alan Kistler examines the Children of the Atom's long history of strong, powerful women.

CBR's Top Ten Vertigo Titles of All Time


With Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger departing her position and the cancellation of "Hellblazer," CBR looks at the history of the acclaimed DC Comics' imprint and presents our picks for its top ten series.

NYCC: Archie Crosses Over Sonic and Mega Man


At New York Comic Con 2012, Archie Comics announced what to expect from "New Crusaders," the return of "Sonic Underground," and details on the Sega/Capcom crossover between Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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