Author pushes for Google Doodle to mark Bill Finger's birthday

An effort by Bill Finger biographer Marc Tyler Nobleman to honor the uncredited co-creator of Batman with a Google Doodle appears to be gaining steam, with the likes of Kevin Smith and Brad Meltzer endorsing the campaign to their Twitter followers.

Nobleman, author of Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret C0-Creator of Batman, initially pitched the idea to Google in 2012, but dusted off the proposal again in December because this year marks not just the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight's debut, but also the 100th anniversary of Finger's birth and the 40th anniversary of his death.

"You'd be lavished with undying praise by legions of geeks everywhere if you did a doodle in honor of writer Bill Finger (2/8/14 - 1/18/74), the uncredited co-creator (and, objectively, dominant creative force) behind Batman, even though cartoonist Bob Kane unconscionably took all the credit," Nobleman wrote in his original pitch. "Bill is widely considered to be the greatest comics writer of his generation (the Golden Age)...and the biggest martyr in comics history."

With the 100th anniversary of Finger's birth arriving on Feb. 8, there's little time left, so Nobleman is asking fans to email their support for the Google Doodle to proposals@google.com.

"We can do this!" Nobleman writes on his blog. "Maybe we already have ..."

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