Aunt May Will Finally Reveal Her Shocking Secret to Spider-Man

After the Marvel Universe was rocked by the revelation that Aunt May might have breast cancer, this April will finally see her reveal the details of her heart-wrenching predicament to Peter Parker.

According to Marvel's April 2019 solicitations, Pete will be informed of her dilemma in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5 from writer Tom Taylor and artist Yildiray Cinar. What initially started as a 10-page backup story in issue #1 saw Aunt May writing an apology note to her nephew about how she's been avoiding him. Peter's investigation got thrown off track as duty called him to deal with some bullies, but the comic would go on to detail her visit to the McCarthy Medical Insitute, where inside the hospital walls we learn Aunt May might have breast cancer.

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This situation has fans wondering if Marvel could be planning a One More Day scenario, with Spidey trying to make some sort of big sacrifice to save her. However, given the negative feedback that got, it's unlikely and this chapter could instead be shaped as the beginning of the end for one of the publisher's most beloved characters. Either way, this issue looks set to kick a highly-emotional arc into next gear, which will surely change Spider-Man's world forever.


  • TOM TAYLOR (W) • Yildiray Cinar (A)
  • A bomb drops on Peter’s world when Aunt May finally fesses up to Peter about what’s happening.
  • Don’t miss this special issue!
  • 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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