Auctions to Benefit Carla and Lance Hoffman

JK Parkin wrote to say the following:

If you havenʼt heard, Blog@Newsarama contributor Carla Hoffman and her husband Lance are in critical condition after being burnt while trying to flee the Tea Fire that engulfed the area around Santa Barbara. Both of them are in Irvine, Calif., being kept in comas as their bodies try to heal. In addition, they lost their home and most likely all of their possessions in the fire. In addition to writing for Blog@ and on her own blog, Carla's also an employee of the comic shop Metro Entertainment, and is one of the most passionate and compassionate comic fans around.

My fellow contributors and I decided to put together some charity auctions on eBay to help them out. Weʼve started to gather items to auction off, like hardcovers and video games, which weʼll start auctioning off next week.

If youʼd like to donate something to auction, hereʼs what to do:

1. Drop me (jkparkin@yahoo.com) and Stephanie Chan (stephanie@comicbookgirl.com) an email. Weʼll need the following info:

Item name:Description:Either a photo, or a link to a photo or website:Price to start the bidding at:

You can send your item(s) directly to me at:

John Parkin2171 Darnis CircleMorgan Hill, Calif. 95037

And Iʼll handle the logistics of mailing them out to the winner.

As you may have seen earlier this week, most of the contributors to Blog@Newsarama are leaving the site effective Nov. 30. It wonʼt be the last youʼll hear from us, but we wonʼt be moving into our new digs until the new year. So, in the meantime, weʼve set up a blog to keep everyone updated on Carla and Lance, as well as the auctions weʼll be starting up to help them out. You can find it at:


(There actually isn't anything there yet, but we'll update it this weekend).

Oh, and if youʼd rather just donate directly to Carla and Lance, you can find information on doing that here:


Thanks and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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