Auction launches to help Steve Niles after flooding

An eBay auction has launched to benefit writer Steve Niles, whose Austin home flooded last week following heavy rains in Central Texas. He, his wife, musician Monica Richards, and their pets are now staying in a friend's guesthouse.

Organized by writer Matt Miner, the auction is expected to arrive in two, and possibly three, waves, beginning with such items as 30 Days of Night original art by Ben Templesmith, original painted pages from Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who -- Assimilation by J.K. Woodward, a Black Widow illustration by Phil Noto, comic-book script reviews by Scott Snyder and Ron Marz, and signed comics by the likes of Chris Burnham, James Tynion IV, Jamie S. Rich, Greg Pak and J.M DeMatteis. Visit the auction page for the full listing.

"I’ll keep doing auctions as long as comics pros want to send me stuff," Miner said. Professionals wishing to contribute items for the auction should contact Miner.

Niles also encourages donations to the American Red Cross to benefit other Austin-area flooding victims.

"Somehow knowing all of you are out there makes us feel much safer," he wrote last week. "It’s like we have a thousand personal Batman’s waiting to swing in and help us. That’s an amazing feeling to have. I’m very proud and humbled by comics and fandom right now. You guys really saved the day and I am forever in your debt. I love you guys and I will never forget how much you helped us."

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