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The 15 Most Tempting TV Supervillains

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The 15 Most Tempting TV Supervillains

You have to give it to supervillains — they’re tenacious, passionate and cunning… most of the time. It’s admirable and it’s part of the reason why they’re so entertaining… again, most of the time. We love seeing different villains for different reasons. Some of them are just believably complex and well-written and some just have awesome superpowers that we love seeing unleashed. Others we love seeing because they’re just so darn attractive. That’s who we’ll be focusing on today.

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In no particular order, these 15 bad girls and guys from currently-running comic book TV shows are the most attractive of them all. Of course, it’s not just their looks we’re paying attention to, though we will obviously be taking that into account. For the most part, we’ll be looking at everything about them that makes our hearts race when they show up on screen. It might be their charm, charisma, their passion, their humor or that sparkle in their eyes that makes us think that if they were real and maybe not as murderous, we could get through their homicidal personality issues and change them… maybe not that last part. Read on and see which TV supervillains so bad, they made us feel good!



Chien Na Wei (played by Kelly Hu) first appears in the second episode, “Honor Thy Father” (directed by David Barrett) of Arrow on CW. Beneath the bouncy blonde hair and strangely sensual yet ferocious gaze is a highly trained, cold-blooded assassin working for the Chinese Triad. She’s one of Starling City’s most enduring villains.

Throughout her appearances, she’s shown a steadfast belief in a warrior’s code, but what really makes her unique among the villains of Arrow is the fact that she’s been the most slippery of them all. She’s been able to go up against Ollie completely unafraid and get away largely unharmed… that was, until the episode “The Sin-Eater” (directed by Mary Lambert) in which she was shot and arrested. We know she won’t stay in custody for long, which is good, since we can’t wait to see this deadly beauty back on the streets.

14. AGENT 33

Agent 33

One of the most enigmatic and deceptive villains in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  is Agent 33 (played by Maya Stojan), also known as Kara Lynn Palamas. She first appears in “Making Friends and Influencing People” (directed by Monica Owusu-Breen) and after being brainwashed by HYDRA, continues to cause a nuisance for Agent Coulson and the others, especially after acquiring the photostatic veil that allows her to disguise herself and impersonate others.

While she was originally quite an attractive woman, after the photostatic veil was permanently attached to her face, she took on the appearances of every other powerful (and gorgeous) woman on the show, including Melinda May and Skye, using their identities to hurt S.H.I.E.L.D and Coulson’s unit. This master of disguise kept things interesting and we loved her for it. It’s just a shame she had to die, ironically because of her ability to disguise herself so well.



The short-lived series Agent Carter was full of beautiful people playing deep characters. But we’d expect nothing less from what was essentially the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s little world of spies. If we could pick any one villain to embody that concept, it’d be Agnes Cully, better known as Whitney Frost (played by Wynn Everett), or Madame Masque as she is known in the comics. Thanks to Zero Matter, she gained the ability to literally absorb living things around her.

She had a rough childhood. She was raised by a single mother who compelled Agnes to forget about learning and to just focus on her looks. While she did develop a tendency to use her pretty smile to her advantage, she also possessed a great mind, unmatched in intellect as we see in the episode “Better Angels” (directed by David Platt) in which we see that she’s an incredible inventor, one that people fail to appreciate purely because of those good looks.



Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassady) was a compassionate lawyer, daughter of current deputy mayor, Quentin Lance and former lover of Oliver Queen. After her sister, Sara, died the second time, Laurel took up the leather jacket and mask of Black Canary. Her Earth Two counterpart is nowhere near as heroic, in fact, she’s a powerful villain calling herself Black Siren, who invades Earth One and for a time, masquerades as Earth One’s deceased Laurel Lance.

Why is Black Siren more attractive than Laurel Lance (despite being played by the same actress)? For one thing, Black Siren possesses an unshakeable confidence that Laurel never had. She also enjoys her sonic powers and the seems to relish the destruction she causes. It’s terrible, but at the same time, part of your charm is being genuinely passionate about what you do.



Earth Two of the Arrowverse isn’t home to just one evil Earth One doppelganger. Caitlin Snow (played by Danielle Panabaker), skilled scientist and beloved friend to team Flash, had an evil counterpart in Earth Two who went by the fitting name, Killer Frost, a supervillain with ice-based metahuman powers and a psychotically cold heart. She was killed by Zoom only to reappear, this time because Barry (played by Grant Gustin) had to meddle with the timeline, causing Earth One Caitlin to acquire Killer Frost’s powers.

Despite being something of an ice queen, Killer Frost is one of Arrowverse’s hottest villains. Beneath that platinum blonde hair and those crystal blue eyes, was the mind of a highly intelligent psychopath who enjoyed causing pain and wreaking havoc. It was horrifying but at same time, it was fun to see Caitlin Snow be free in a twisted way. What can we say? We’ve got a thing for bad girls!



Gotham’s underworld is full of unsavory characters but Barbara Kean (played by Erin Richards), from Gotham, isn’t one of them. She had a complicated relationship with her parents and for a time relied on drugs and alcohol; nevertheless, she remained a compassionate and loving woman. That all changed after Carmine Falcone held her captive. She was rescued but her mental health began to rapidly decline.

As a villain, this woman has it all: great looks, a cunning mind and the will to take over Gotham’s underworld, removing any and all obstacles in her path, never again allowing people like Carmine Falcone to make her feel helpless. It’s just too bad that she was also incredibly evil and psychotic… Commissioner Gordon, you really know how to pick ’em.



You rarely get villainy as classy and lovely as Dottie Underwood (played by Bridget Regan) from Agent Carter, the soviet spy trained in the Red Room, the same academy that trained Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow. As expected of a highly trained Russian superspy, Dottie is unfeeling and completely aware of how people perceive her and what she’s capable of, often using it to her advantage.

She was able to disguise herself as a naive small-town girl from Iowa named Ida Menke and Agent Carter herself was completely oblivious to it until Dottie’s failed (but sexy) assassination attempt on Carter in “A Sin to Err” (directed by Stephen Williams). She was focused and dedicated to her job. Sure, it was evil, but then, it’s what she was cruelly trained for. She wasn’t without honor or compassion. She did give Agent Carter time to heal in “Life of the Party” (directed by Craig Zisk).



The Supergirl villain, Indigo (played by Laura Vandervoort), also known as Brainiac 8, escaped from the Phantom Zone by hijacking Kara’s (played by Melissa Benoist) escape pod which is how she ended up on Earth. As a synthetic being, she has the ability to connect with and control all forms of digital technology. With those abilities, she sought to eliminate the entire human race by using its technology against it, thereby freeing up a world for Kryptonians and Coluans (her race of techno-organic beings).

She takes the form of a super attractive purple alien in physical form but when projecting herself through screens, takes on the form of a super attractive human woman. It’s awesome seeing her on screen, partly because fans will know Laura Vandervoort used to play Supergirl in Smallville and partly because technological villains are always fun… especially when they can match Supergirl in strength and power.



The second synthetic being on our list is AIDA (played by Mallory Jensen), whose name stands for “Artifically Intelligent Digital Assistant.” She was created by Holden Radcliffe who wanted to revive an old S.H.I.E.L.D project, giving her a synthetic body whose appearance he based on his former lover, Agnes Kitsworth. Aida was eventually corrupted by the Darkhold through Holden and continually sought to become more human, eventually getting her wish and becoming Ophelia, a manipulative monster, overwhelmed by the power of unfamiliar emotions.

Of course, she’s on here because she’s gorgeous. She’s also a surprisingly complex character despite essentially being a robot. She wants the freedom that comes with being human but she was also corrupted by it, unable to control her emotions, which is completely understandable though hopefully… not too relatable.



We can’t talk about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. without mentioning the treacherous but charming Grant Ward (played by Brett Dalton), HYDRA’s double agent. He was there from the beginning and even then maintained an air of suspicion about him. To a huge collective shock, we found out that, despite being seemingly proven innocent early on in season one, he had been working for HYDRA the whole time and he did it with confidence.

While it’s bad news for our heroes and it gave us a reason to hate him, we can’t deny that he still outshone most other villains in the show with his badass moves, chiseled chin and dashing (yet dastardly) good looks. What manages to charm us even more is his complex history full of pain, abandonment and anger — there’s just something about a broken soul, isn’t there?



Midnite (played by Michael James Shaw) wasn’t exactly a villain per se in Constantine, though John did find himself at odds with him from time to time. A powerful voodoo priest who first appeared in the episode “The Devil’s Vinyl” (directed by Romeo Tirone), Papa Midnite has appeared as both an enemy and as a friend to Constantine. He tried to kill him in that first appearance but was happy to share a drink with him after helping him release spirits in “Danse Vaudou” (directed by John Badham).

We’re impressed by Midnite for a lot of things: his extensive knowledge of the occult, his frighting voodoo powers and of course, his impeccable sense of style. No one can face demons from hell and supernatural hunters in such fine attire the way Midnite can.



With the inclusion of the Inhumans in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, a rise in super-powered villains was expected. JT James is a former mercenary who was discovered to be an Inhuman. He was denied Terrigenesis and exiled from Afterlife. Before long, however, he got what he wanted when Quake dropped a Terrigen crystal and James was exposed to the mists, giving him the ability to heat objects and make them explode.

Here’s a guy who pursues everything he wants and isn’t afraid of the enemies he makes. He barely flinched when he went up against Ghost Rider in “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” (directed by Brad Turner), that’s bravery you rarely see! And sue, he lost that fight badly, but that courage in the face of hell, his wild look and rough history– that’s stone-cold sexy, baby!



Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones) led a quest to rid New York of the Hand, which in turn led him to Bakuto (played by Ramon Rodriguez), a leader of the Hand, obsessed with the Iron Fists and their powers. In the second half of Iron Fist, he attempts to lure Danny into the Hand by capturing Gao and offering to teach him how to use his powers. When that doesn’t work, his brutal, sociopathic nature is revealed and he does his best to force Danny into submission.

Despite the terrible nature of the Hand and the cruelty of its leadership, you have to admire Bakuto’s ability to use his charisma and knowledge of the Iron Fist, Zen teachings and chi to draw those around him into the Hand, making them genuinely believe that they’re doing something great. Plus, he does surprisingly well at pulling off that whole hipster look and making it fit in with his brand of evil.



The Arrowverse is full of crazy villains, and we do mean absolutely crazy. Starling City was plagued by one powerful full-blown sociopath in the form of Slade Wilson (played by Manu Bennett). He didn’t start out that way. He was a former ASIS agent who became stranded on Lian Yu during a mission to extract Yao Fei. The events on that island traumatized him and the Mirakuru he was given by a well-meaning Oliver Queen, warped his mind, pushing him toward becoming the destructive, formidable assassin called Deathstroke.

Without the Mirakuru, Wilson is actually a good person. He taught Ollie how to survive, how to fight and how to focus on the objective. He’s a great teacher, which is always an attractive quality. He’s also a badass who can pull off that grey hair and eyepatch. What more could you ask for?


China White used to fight alongside another assassin by the name Ben Turner (played by Michael Jai White), also known as Bronze Tiger. He first appeared in the Arrow episode “Identity” (directed by Nick Copus). We could see there that he got his name because of the deadly tekko kagi he used in battle. Like a tiger, he could eviscerate his opponents and was in constant search for someone worthy to fight.

There’s something attractive about someone that confident in the heat of battle. He’s ferocious, strong and deadly, much like his former parter. Unfortunately for him, he tried to take on an opponent greater than he and lost his life because of it in the episode “Suicide Squad” (directed by Larry Teng). His appearance on the show was brief but there’s still hope that we’ll see more of him in the future.

Which other TV supervillains do you think make bad look good? Let us know in the comments!

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