15 Sci-Fi Cosplays That Should Not Be Attractive (But Totally Are)

The sci-fi genre has no doubt provided some iconic looks over the years that fans have loved. Princess Leia in the slave bikini is a look that still garners a lot of attention today. Of course, one of the more hotly debated topics regarding Star Trek is which captain is the best looking. So there's no shortage of familiar faces in the world of sci-fi that fans have loved seeing. However, there is no denying that sci-fi also creates some of the creepiest, most disgusting, and scariest lifeforms in entertainment.

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It's pretty commonly agreed which sci-fi characters are attractive and which most people wouldn't go within a mile of. But in the creative world of cosplay, models can often put a spin on a character that makes you see them in a new way. Every so often they pull off a look that even makes some gross space alien not look half bad. In recognition of the talent these models have, this is 15 Sci-Fi Cosplays That Should Not Be Attractive (But Totally Are).


Star Wars and Wonder Woman have been two of the most talked about movies in recent years so some cosplayers might have a tough time deciding which movie they want to wear an outfit from. Alkali Layke solved this problem by combining the two films into one extremely unique and cool looking outfit. There have been female bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, but none have looked as good as this genderbent Boba Fett.

The colors of the Amazon princess are what really make this outfit stand out as something remarkable. What could be better than taking one of the coolest Star Wars characters and merging it with one of DC's coolest heroes? Many people have wanted to be Boba Fett, but if he had been this good looking in the original Star Wars, we doubt Lucas ever would have killed the character off. An Amazon and a bounty hunter rolled into one is a surprisingly attractive twist.


Seeing as most players' first exposure to Revolver Ocelot was in the first Metal Gear Solid, it could be a tough sell to make him attractive. By the original Metal Gear Solid, he was an old man and wound up with one hand. Not to mention the personality he displays by that point, which extends to torturing numerous people. Based on all that, Ocelot isn't someone who would initially be called hunky. But once we started seeing him in his younger days in Metal Gear Solid 3, you could definitely see why people would find Ocelot good looking.

Knowing the horrible things Ocelot would go on to do, it's pretty weird to see him in his younger days and think of him as a cool guy. But as this cosplay from blue_milk_silva shows, Ocelot was still a pretty handsome guy even during Metal Gear Solid 5. So as long as you don't mind the whole homicidal terrorist thing, you could call him a catch.


While some people may have found Neytiri attractive in James Cameron's Avatar, what's surprising about this cosplay from mynamesash_ is how it actually looks even better than the Neytiri of the movie. One of the most touted aspects of Avatar was how good the CGI looked, but with mynamesash_ looking this impressive using just cosplay, you have to wonder why the movie needed CGI characters at all. This version of Neytiri would have looked great in the film.

Admittedly though, once you think about it, the Na'vi are a little weird to be finding attractive. People who resemble the Smurfs probably wouldn't be what too many people picture when they think of a good looking person. But mynamesash_ really pulls off the look, keeping the cosplay from looking cartoonish. This cool looking version of Neytiri is one no one would blame Jake Sully for falling in love with.

12 R2D2

This take on R2-D2 certainly is not the most accurate depiction of the droid, but for a look at how the robot would look as a human, it’s pretty cool. That classic color scheme of the droid instantly helps convey who the character is, even with changing up its look. And it’s not like user Adame-Dono simply threw on some blue and white clothes and called it a cosplay. You can also see little details like how she is wearing two different colored contacts to represent R2’s one red “eye”.

Seeing R2 look this good is pretty surprising to see, though. Thinking of any of the droids as nice looking would be a bit weird, but at least someone like C-3PO is still a humanoid looking droid. R2-D2 basically looks like a little trash can on wheels, so seeing a cosplayer make the droid look this good is pretty unusual.


The Dragon Ball franchise might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think "sci-fi," but seeing as it is filled with aliens, androids and inter-universal battles, we'd say it counts. And one of the most popular characters from the franchise has been the villainous Super Saiyan Broly. He may have only been in three movies, but his sheer power has quickly propelled him to being a longtime fan favorite.

Broly's physique may be impressive, but we doubt most people were looking at him and thinking about how attractive he was. That all changes thanks to cosplayer Devi_Me, though. Part of that is no doubt just because female Super Saiyans are still a relatively new sight. But Devi_Me also wears that Saiyan hair pretty well, especially considering it looks ridiculous and fake on many cosplayers. Broly only ever had eyes for Kakarot (albeit to hurt him), but this female Broly would be a head turner at any convention.


Despite Square Enix’s famous RPG franchise being known as Final Fantasy, it has explored all kinds of locations at this point, from fantasy to sci-fi. In fact, Final Fantasy VI was the game that marked a strong shift towards more of a sci-fi style with a high prominence on things like mechs and airships. But of course the thing everyone really remembers Final Fantasy VI for is the demented clown who would become a god, Kefka.

This genderbent version of Kefka is awesome first and foremost because it is such a spot on depiction of the character. It’s probably not too likely we’ll ever see a live-action adaption of Final Fantasy VI, but if we do, Mikhxii proves Kefka could look great. And in a bizarre twist, Mmikhxii actually makes this clown god look unusually pretty.


Raiden was a controversial character when he was first introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2. Replacing Solid Snake for a large chunk of the game didn’t win him any fans, and his pretty boy looks also garnered a lot of criticism. But as the franchise went on and Raiden returned, one thing you couldn’t really say about him anymore was that he was a looker. Having everything except your head replaced with cybernetic parts will tend to do that, though.

This cosplay from the user Xailas provides a bit of a reminder of how good Raiden used to look, though. Raiden might have been fully transformed into a killing machine in the later Metal Gear games, but this cosplay shows off enough of his human side to remind you of the more innocent character he used to be. Raiden’s human body might be gone, but sometimes you can get a glimpse of what he was before he was turned into a tool of destruction.


We may not have seen any named female Wookies in the Star Wars movies as of yet, but when they do inevitably show up, it doesn’t seem too likely that they will look anything like user N1njag1rlcosplay does in this picture. Who knows, though? Maybe with a haircut Chewbacca could wind up looking the same way. It would certainly explain why Han Solo enjoyed spending so much time with Chewie.

Out of all the sillier characters in the Star Wars universe, like Jar Jar Binks and the Ewoks, Chewbacca is pretty much the only one to become a hit with fans. We can’t understand a word he says, but sometimes words aren’t necessary to enjoy a character. Just like words can’t truly explain why N1njag1rlcosplay’s interpretation of Chewie works so well, despite him being such an odd character to make provocative.


This cosplay does not just contain one character, but three. Ellipsecosplay is actually a trio of cosplayers who coordinate their outfits together. In this case they gave their own interpretation of Fox McCloud, Peppy and Falco. Jokes about furries and fursonas aside, most people aren't that into talking animals. Sure, Fox McCloud is brave and confident, but it's hard to get past that furry face.

The more humanized takes on the Star Fox characters done by Ellipsecosplay really change the playing field, though. For one the outfits are just a cool way to convey who the characters are without the cosplayers having to wear masks. Also, it shows some creativity that probably looks better than a totally accurate cosplay would have. Fox tail and ears? That works. A full fox mask? That could get silly looking.


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How do you make a giant monster that destroys cities and eats people attractive? The answer to that seems to be let someone like Jayem Sison do a cosplay of them. There are plenty of good looking characters in Attack on Titan, but the titans themselves typically are not counted among them. So it's pretty impressive that Sison could take such an unusual choice and not only pull off making it look good, but make you forget that the titans are supposed to be terrifying.

Obviously part of what makes Sison's take on a titan work is because he's not the size of a building, so there's no fear of being crushed by him. But he's also in incredible shape, which is something you can't help but admire on anyone, regardless of how freaky their face might be painted. The cosplay for the titan is pretty simple, but it's also very well done and recognizable.


Fans who lived through the release of the original Star Wars trilogy had to wait until nearly the end of the third movie before they finally got to see what was hidden behind Darth Vader's iconic mask. Fans might not have been expecting Anakin to look as worn down as he did, but they probably weren't picturing anything too pretty either. So people who get to see user Kellycainquackenbush's Darth Vader cosplay are in for a pleasant surprise once her helmet comes off.

It's definitely a jarring change to see this iteration of one of the Empire's most fearsome figures. Admittedly, with what we know now about Vader, it would be weird seeing any good looking person beneath that black outfit. Anakin himself used to be a nice looking guy, but once his body was burned, his old self was left behind. He became that suit and even lost his identity, becoming Vader. But if Vader actually looked more like this, maybe he could be more like Kylo Ren and ditch the mask from time to time.


While genderbent cosplays are nothing new, Jessica Nigri really took on an unusual character when she decided to cosplay as Overwatch's Roadhog. Nigri has made her name as one of the most well-known cosplayers not only for the craft of her costumes, but also for her enthusiasm to portray provocative characters. Suffice it to say, the original Roadhog does not fit into that latter category.

Roadhog is a huge guy in a mask, with a prominent gut, and covered in grease and tattoos. That doesn't normally add up to an attractive look, but when Nigri puts her spin on the character Roadhog becomes weirdly appealing. Critics might say Nigri is all about her sex appeal, but there's no denying she's a truly creative person to be able to pull off looking good as such an unusual character.


It did not take long for Kylo Ren to unmask in The Force Awakens, and it turned out he was nowhere near as disfigured as Darth Vader. In fact, Han Solo’s son was actually a surprisingly nice looking guy. You could just tell he wasn’t as far down the path of the dark side as Vader was, since Kylo Ren actually looked like he would fit among the users of the force. Ren just seemed like a good guy who strayed down a bad direction.

Microkittycosplay fits well with that description too, actually looking like a pretty good depiction of how a female Kylo Ren would look. Ren’s temper tantrums and his willingness to kill his own father undoubtedly did him no favors with fans, and anything attractive about him was quickly forgotten. Mircokittycosplay’s take on the character does go a ways towards helping to forget those negative traits, though.


When people think of the most attractive characters from Borderlands, names like Roland or Mad Moxxi will be some of the most obvious candidates. So it's actually kind of surprising that one of the most common enemies of the game would also be pretty good looking. Any time you come across one of the psychos looking to do massive damage to you, it's also hard not to take notice of how incredibly ripped they are. It's hard to imagine how someone gets a body like that without hitting the gym a lot, but the psychos manage.

As their name indicates, the psychos also don't have a very close relationship with sanity. Given that, we can't imagine any of the psychos would do well in relationships, period. Still, this cosplay from Jennifer Provost not only gives a reminder of how jacked the male psychos are, but also shows what a female psycho would look like. It's actually a surprisingly cool look.


When you think of the predators, you probably think of them as ruthless, strategic hunters. Predators are certainly cool and intimidating, but attractive? Maybe in terms of personality if you find strong, capable survivalists attractive. But in terms of looks? There is not much there that's too appealing (to humans, anyway). Honestly it only gets even worse once they take their mask off and you see those gigantic mandibles.

User Katyladycosplay does not turn the predator into some cover model or anything, but she does add some intrigue to the predator's look. She still looks like she'd slice your head off, but you also can't help noticing that there is some sensuality to her take on the outfit too. Maybe you'd still be scared to see this predator without the mask on, but you can also see why other predators would find her attractive.

What are some sci-fi cosplays that you find oddly attractive? Let us know in the comments!

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