15 Incredible Monster Cosplays

Cosplay remains one of the most popular activities at comic-cons and fan conventions all over the world. When it comes to the various styles of cosplay, the most popular remains a mixture of either comic book characters, such as superheroes or villains, or anime characters from worlds like Dragon Ball Z and more. On top of that, cosplayers also choose from American animated characters and more to design and dress up in elaborate costumes with detailed makeup jobs. Some even go the distance and design electronic working parts and morph into anything from robots to Iron Man. However, one area of cosplay that doesn't get as much recognition is monster cosplay.

Cosplayers have a lot to choose from. There are the classic Universal monsters, such as Dracula, the Wolfman and Frankenstein's monster, as well as all the derivatives of those characters. There are also newer creatures, such as those from television shows, anime and video games to choose from for costumes. On top of that, one of the interesting aspects of cosplay is taking a specific monster or character and giving it a creative spin, such as making a monster into a sumptuous creature instead of a scary one. With that in mind, here is a look at 15 cosplay monsters that are way too attractive.


When it comes to the Monster High franchise, there was never anything scary about it to begin with. Mattel created the doll franchise in 2010 and the entire premise was taking the children of the classic Universal monsters and putting them into high school settings. The franchise was so popular that other modern era monsters joined the lineup and Monster High spawned a web series, video games, books, and even a feature film.

The character in this monster cosplay is Sarah Screams, a banshee. The entire idea of a banshee is that their scream can kill a person or drive anyone crazy. In this cosplay photoshoot, the premise is that the scream should also be enough to shatter a window, adding to the photograph. The model in this photo goes by the name of awesomeGaia, a cosplayer who specializes in anime, manga and monsters.


In the world of American animation, Adventure Time is one of the most popular present-day cartoons for cosplayers. Whether people dress up as Finn and Jake, their gender-swapped versions of Fionna and Cake, or as supporting characters like Glob, Princess Bubblegum, or the Ice King, there are plenty of representatives at most conventions and festivals.

In this cosplay photo from WonderCon 2012, the cosplayer is not only portraying Marceline the Vampire Queen, including her blue skin color, but was also able to replicate the bass guitar that the vampire antihero uses in Adventure Time. When it comes to dressing up as famous characters, a lot goes into the makeup and costumes, but when players take the time to perfect the props, it brings the entire monster cosplay to a brand-new level.


There are a lot of options for people when they want to cosplay as a monster based on the Day of the Dead holiday. The Day of the Dead lasts from Halloween to Nov. 2 and takes place in Mexico and other South American countries, although the popularity has featured celebrations north of the border as well. The holiday honors loved ones who have passed on, and has developed a reputation in pop culture for the human-made skulls made from sugar or clay, as well as people who design makeup and costumes to replicate these skulls.

This monster cosplay features Donna from My One Beautiful Thing working on perfecting the Day of the Dead look. She said that she created the appearance by researching sugar skull makeup and using up to 2,000 shades of eyeshadow to perfect the design. According to Donna, the model  proved to be an affecting subject to look at the Day of the Dead theme.


While most cosplay is done at comic-cons, a convention specifically for monster cosplay took place at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel & Convention Center in May 2017. The event was titled the Famous Monsters Convention, based on the classic Famous Monsters of Finland magazine. This event featured cult film stars, artists, a film festival and, of course, the cosplay contest that saw some amazing entries.

Included in the lineup of cosplay contestants were individuals dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera, demons, fairies, ghouls, and even Hollywood monsters like Freddy Krueger. One of the highlights was this demon, that was extravagantly designed, properly horrific, but still maintaining just a disturbing amount of beauty that made the monster cosplay not just attractive in its own way, but one that completely captures the mind.


When it comes to monsters, it isn't all about ghosts, ghouls and zombies. Some of the creepiest monsters come in the form of broken and deranged characters that are just wrong enough to frighten anyone. Great examples of this are the classic patched up dolls and, in this case, a pieced-together monster wife. As the artist, FinistereFrau of Deviant Art wrote, this character is not normal, it is a monster.

Unlike the patched-up dolls that remain popular at many comic-con events, this was a wholly original piece, with her face looking pieced together using different fabrics and even an eye that appears to be missing in the skull. Add in the bright red wig, and this is a monster cosplay that is unlike almost anything you will ever see.


When it comes to classic horror monsters, the two most popular for cosplay purposes are arguably the vampires and werewolves. While Dracula and the Wolf-Man are the classic Universal monsters that most people recognize and love, there are plenty of female options for vampires, some even introduced in the original Dracula movie. When it comes to the werewolves, female versions became popular much later, especially after the success of Ginger Snaps.

This cosplayer is Claire de Lune from the Deviant Art community, and she said that the costume was influenced by a mixture of her love of steampunk and Teen Wolf. She describes this as her first self-designed cosplay outfit, and thanks to her self-professed obsession at the time with werewolves, she created a fantastically original costume.


When it comes to monster cosplay, the most popular form remains the zombies. These costumes and makeup jobs are often gruesome and horrific, as the TV show The Walking Dead showed people how great a person could look when creating the undead. However, in some cases, the cosplayers go above and beyond the call of duty when designing their specific character.

In this case, Mary Fargo of Beauty and the Freaks decided to mix up the monster cosplay with that of the Disney princess models. In this case, Fargo chose to take the classic Disney character of Snow White and create what she believed the Disney princess would look like if infected with the zombie virus. She even included the poison apple, possibly what finally sent Snow White over the edge.


Tim Burton was the master of the macabre for many years, creating worlds that seemed dark and disturbing to any normal and sane individual. Whether he is creating a man with scissors for hands, a world where a skeleton wants to experience Christmas, or a movie where a man discovers a corpse who rises from the dead and claims to be his Corpse Bride.

This monster cosplay brings the Corpse Bride to life in a visually arresting way. The similarities are great in this instance, with the cosplayer utilizing the same blue skin as the character from the movie, while her large doe-like eyes match the character perfectly as well. She even adds the blue hair and creates a stunning homage to the unique Tim Burton creation.


There are a lot of options when a cosplayer wants to create a monster to portray. In this case, Deviant Art user nomokis has specialized in creating versions of the evil witch Maleficent from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, while bringing her to life in a stunning, and extremely attractive manner.

The model credited her photographer, Leah Kelly, for the cosplay photo shoot, as well as the use of the green contact lenses and the giant majestic wings that stem from her back. While the Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty was evil and often portrayed in an ugly manner, it was clear that nomokis took more influence from the Angelina Jolie version of the character from the movie Maleficent, while adding a little more of a mischievous attitude to the character.


One of the interesting creations from the 1931 version of Dracula was the brides of Dracula, the female vampires living in his castle. These female bloodsuckers were so popular that in 1936, Universal created a female-led vampire movie in Dracula's Daughter. By the '70s, there were female vampire movies coming out in mass quantity, many R-rated and containing more than just horror when it came to the legendary monsters.

This vampire cosplay is a good example of what fans of the monster came to expect over the years. While Dracula himself was always based in the world of gothic romance, the female vampires were almost always showcased for their sensuality. This is a cosplayer named Jeanette and her influence was the 2004 role-playing video game, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.


While not as famous as the vampires, werewolves and zombies that many cosplayers perfect, the succubus offers people a chance to create something different and unique -- a good way to stand out in an otherwise crowded competition. A succubus is a demon from Hell that lures in men using their sensuality and then draining their souls. While in the old days, these demons were often grotesque, the modern versions are almost always way too attractive, using their beauty to seduce their victims.

The cosplayer in this photo is a Deviant Art community member named Midnight-lady-Sky. In this case, the purpose is to show the almost innocence of the demon, while also showing the danger she possesses with the whip, horns and pointed tail. It is a great look at how the best succubi are almost impossible to resist.


Ghosts and ghouls are often difficult to pull off when it comes to monster cosplay, but when a person gets it right, it can turn out to be a head-turning and magnificent result. In this case, the idea was to create a ghoul, which is an evil spirit that robs graves and feeds on the dead. However, when it comes to this portrayal, there is little here that feeds into that definition; not that we're complaining!

This is actually a version of Uta, a ghoul from the manga series Tokyo Ghoul. While Uta is a male in the manga, this is a nice gender swap with cosplayer Natasha Zagadka taking on the role to perfection. She added the tattoo on the neck, the white face coloring, and red contacts, as well as styling her hair to perfectly replicate the anime character.


Not all cosplay monsters are from television and movies. In the case of this cosplayer, she got her inspiration from the Witcher video game series. The monster in question is a bruxa, which are vampires who hunt men and drain them of their blood. While they can look grotesque in their natural form, they can also take the form of beautiful, very attractive women, to achieve their goals.

In the case of this monster cosplayer, it is Deviant Art member elenasamko who chose to take the form of the vampire bruxa. The model said that her favorite video game is The Witcher and the work on both the makeup and skin-coloring to create this monster ended up as a perfect replica. It is also proof that few men will be able to resist this bloodsucking temptress.


When Universal released its second major monster movie in Frankenstein, it realized that it had a great franchise on its hands and looked to move it forward with new and unique characters. In 1935, the studio chose to make a sequel but added a unique touch by creating a female monster that would stand side-by-side with the legendary creature. This monster was the Bride of Frankenstein, a character with such a unique look that it remains a reliable monster cosplay option to this day.

While Bride of Frankenstein was a black and white movie, the main idea was that the skin color, since these were dead individuals brought back to life, was green. This monster cosplay is by Stephanie Cammarano, who turns in an absolutely elegant look as a sort of sock-hop version of the beautiful beast, who is of course one of the most iconic female monsters in cinema history.


When it comes to monster cosplay, zombies rule the day. There are just so many ways that people can create zombies that each one can reveal a new spin on the classic creatures. In this case, the cosplayer is named Pauline and she has taken part in a competition known as the Forbidden Panel Zombie Beauty Pageant. This, of course, means that her goal is to make a zombie that is way too attractive.

Pauline was so dedicated to zombie cosplay that she even picked up a deal with MTV. The network followed her around for an episode of True Life that aired in 2014, as she prepared for the huge contest and her attempt to become a zombie beauty queen. Her zombie name is just as great, as Pauline goes by the name Dami Decay.

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