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15 Unusually Attractive Dragon Ball Z Cosplays

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15 Unusually Attractive Dragon Ball Z Cosplays

Dragon Ball has been capturing the imaginations of millions of kids since the 1980s, and it’s easy to see why. Full of action, weird science, dangerous planets, colorful characters, tons of jokes and some bonkers storylines, this series has been delighting kids obsessed with martial arts and science fiction for decades. It all started with the slightly more childish Dragon Ball, which saw a boy named Goku befriending a teenager named Bulma, who was on a quest to find the mythical Dragon Balls in order to wish for the perfect boyfriend. Since that first meeting and saga, Goku has gone on to take part in many adventures to different parts of the world and our galaxy. He’s even gone to Heaven once or twice.

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Along the way, Goku has made many more friends, which make up Dragon Ball’s excellent cast of characters. From Piccolo and Master Roshi to Android 18 and Cell, the characters on these shows are so creative that it’s no wonder tons of fans want to recreate them through excellent cosplays. CBR has collected 15 of the best (and unusually attractive) examples of Dragon Ball cosplay out there. In fact, the power of some of these cosplays is OVER 9,000!



Piccolo, a Namekian member of the Dragon Clan, the group who originally created the Dragon Balls, is as tough as they come. He was first introduced as one of Goku’s most evil enemies, but later joined the Team of Z Fighters to fight off all manner of threats, including a Saiyan invasion, androids from the future and Majin Buu, an enemy who pretty much transcends explanation. (Seriously, how the hell do we go from Frieza and Cell to Majin Buu?)

Cosplayer Gia Sanrio reimagines Piccolo as a female character in the picture above. She’s got the green skin and antennae down, not to mention the pointy ears. Besides Piccolo, Gia has also cosplayed as Scarlet Witch, Phoenix, X-23, Supergirl, Misty from Pokemon and quite a few others! Judging from her posts on Instagram, her first love is Dragon Ball Z.


Uncanny Megan as Bunny Bulma

It probably won’t shock you to hear that Bulma is one of the most cosplayed Dragon Ball characters. After all, she’s one of the first characters we fell in love with on the show, as she searched for the Dragon Balls in order to wish for the perfect boyfriend. (Oolong ended up crushing her dreams when he wished for the softest pair of underwear…) Bulma is spunky, charming and tough as nails. She’s not afraid to stand up to anyone, unless of course Goku’s transformed into the Great Ape again.

As you’ll see from this list, Uncanny Megan has dressed up as plenty of different versions of Bulma, a character Megan clearly loves. Of course, she’s also dressed up as a few others. Above, you can see her in Bulma’s Bunny costume, an outfit that was the subject of a gag when she couldn’t find anything else to wear in Oolong’s House-Wagon.


Angelyss as Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is one the most beloved characters on Dragon Ball Z. You may know her as Goku’s wife and the mother of Gohan and Goten, but Chi-Chi has been around since the very earliest days of Dragon Ball. In fact, she comes from royalty! She is the princess of Fire Mountain and the daughter of Ox-King. While she’s introduced as a very shy girl in a EXTREMELY questionable blue bikini, Chi-Chi eventually grows into her own.

She is especially well-known for her terrible fits of rage when Goku or someone else pisses her off. It’s safe to say even Goku, the world’s greatest warrior, watches his step around Chi-Chi. Here we see Angelyss cosplaying as an adult Chi-Chi in her traditional blue dress sans pants. She’s also added some red high heels that go surprisingly well with the outfit.

12. GOKU

Alessandra Autumn as Goku

Goku is the star of all of the Dragon Ball series. As the world’s greatest warrior (who’s actually an alien from another planet), Goku has fought all of the biggest threats to the planet he calls home. While he was originally more of a comedic character in Dragon Ball, things got a lot more serious once Goku’s brother, Raditz, showed up to kidnap Gohan and destroy the planet.

Since that encounter, Goku’s world has opened up significantly. He’s traveled to alien planets, fought gods and much more! Alessandra Autumn is dressed up as Goku in the picture above. It’s clear that she’s made some tweaks to Goku’s martial arts outfit by adding a skirt and wearing a more revealing top. The Dragon Ball, the staff and the Flying Nimbus are excellent details, as well!


Uncanny Megan as Motorcross Bulma

Back to Bulma! This blue-haired adventurer has always been a bit of a techy. In fact, the first time we meet Bulma in Dragon Ball, she’s the one who introduces us to the capsule tech that allows her to quickly access cool modes of transportation and lodging. There’s a really cool sort of juxtaposition in those early episodes between Bulma’s technologically advanced world and little Goku’s more natural one. The tech in this series has always been especially awesome.

Uncanny Megan imagines what it would look like if Bulma were a motorcross racer. The bike is a shiny blue that matches well with Bulma’s aesthetic, while the outfit is definitely something the character would wear on the show. Bulma’s known to have a love for guns, so the SMG is a nice touch.

10. ANDROID 18

Queen Azshara as Android 18

Android 18 was one of the warriors the evil Dr. Gero engineered in order to get revenge on Goku for destroying the Red Ribbon Army as a kid (this happened in Dragon Ball). Along with her twin brother, Android 17, the androids were tasked with finding Goku and destroying him once and for all. Little did Dr. Gero know that his creations would soon turn on him when he refused to wake up Android 16.

While Android 18 was a villain at first, she eventually grew more curious of humans and eventually fell in love with Krillin! Queen Azshara wore this Android 18 cosplay at Anime North 2015 in Toronto, Canada. It’s a much more stripped down version of the character than anything we’ve seen in the manga or anime. Azshara definitely has 18’s stern look down!


Raven Mickeletto as Caulifla

Caulifla is one of the newer characters in the series, having been only introduced a little while back on Dragon Ball Super. She’s quickly distinguished herself as a fan favorite, though. After all, Caulifla’s style is unlike anything we’ve seen in past years. For all intents and purposes, Caulifla is a Saiyan punk girl with crazy black hair and a really rebellious attitude. We first meet her as a participant in the Tournament of Destroyers in which she represented Team Universe 6 against a multiverse of enemies, including Goku and Universe 7’s Z Fighters.

Cosplayer Raven Mickeletto plays Caulifla pretty straight, including the pink low-cut top and the purple harem pants. Raven wore this costume during this year’s Anime Austin. Other notable cosplays include DC’s Raven at the beach and Sailor Mars.


April Rii as Trunks

When we first met Vegeta and Bulma’s Human-Saiyan hybrid son, Trunks, he came from the future bringing warning to the Z Fighters. Trunks was from a future Earth that had been completely obliterated by Androids 17 and 18. While this future was later cancelled out after Goku and the Z Fighters defeated the Androids on present Earth, Future Trunks continued to exist in a darker alternate timeline.

He is a skilled swordsman and all around strong dude you don’t want to mess with. April Rii captures the Future Trunks look perfectly. She gets the color scheme right, although the jacket she’s wearing a little less blue than the one in the anime. That said, her black top and pants, the blue and red belts and the brownish boots hit the right notes.


Nebulaluben as Fasha

Fasha never got much play in the larger Dragon Ball story, although she was around for one key story. In the Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku TV special, which tells the story of how Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, Fasha is one of the Saiyans who stands with Goku’s dad in the fight to save their planet from the evil tyrant.

While they’re allied with Frieza at first, Bardock, Fasha and the rest of his elite unit of warriors decide that they need to stop Frieza from unleashing hell on their planet. They fail, of course, and Fasha is one of the many Saiyans to fall in the battle, but that doesn’t diminish her efforts. Cosplayer Nebulaluben portrays a pretty traditional Fasha in the picture above, down to the serious look on her race. The costume is made up of a leotard, Saiyan armor and white boots.


Uncanny Megan as Android 21

Android 21 is one of the newest additions to Dragon Ball lore. In fact, she’s not appeared on the shows at all. She’ll make her debut in a fighting game called Dragon Ball FighterZ. She was created by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama as a new android whose intelligence rivals that of Dr. Gero, the ill-fated creator of the androids. We don’t know much else about her except that she worked as a researcher for the Red Ribbon Army at one point.

Uncanny Megan wastes no time cosplaying as the new character and captures the look perfectly. The red and blue checkered dress is on-point, as is the slightly unkempt hair. The nerdy scientist glasses are the cherry on top. This Android 21 cosplay just exudes intelligence.


BaraKashi as Launch

Launch is one of the funnier (and more terrifying) character in Dragon Ball. It all comes down to her unique multiple personality disorder, which allows her to transform from a pure-hearted version of herself into a crazed, gun-toting killer. You see, every time Launch sneezes, her personality changes. Also, her hair turns from blue to blonde during the transformation.

This results in some pretty funny gags, especially when the extremely perverted Master Roshi is trying cop a feel or see her naked. (Ooooof, this wouldn’t fly today!) Cosplayer BaraKashi dresses up as Launch in this photo above and nails the look. This isn’t smiling, kind Launch, though. The look on BaraKashi’s face is one of a killer. The blonde wig confirms that Launch’s gone bad again!


Megan Coffey as Dark Saiyan

Cosplayer Megan Coffey took her own spin on things with her battle-damaged Dark Saiyan armor. The armor is very like the traditional Saiyan armor we see on most of the characters who show up to fight Goku in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Z. The armor is in fact standard issue for members of the Frieza Force, and we first see it worn by Raditz, Goku’s brother, when he comes to Earth to cause chaos.

The picture above makes a great case for why there should be some more Saiyans in black armor on the shows. Megan has also cosplayed as plenty of other characters from geek culture. One of her more recent cosplays is her excellent Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Her Samus Aran from the Metroid series is also brilliant.


April Rii as Android 17

We’ve already covered Android 18 above. This is Android 17, her twin brother, who is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is he designed by Dr. Gero to find and kill Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters, he succeeds, along with his sister, in turning Earth into a war-torn wasteland in an alternate timeline. So hardcore is Android 17 that he even turns around and kills Dr. Gero by decapitation! You do not want to get on Android 17’s bad side.

April Rii, who also cosplayed as Future Trunks in one of the above entries, carries out a spectacular female version of Android 17, down to the stern look on the character’s face. The second photo even shows her preparing for an energy attack. This is cool stuff!


Doochann as Videl

Videl has quite the family heritage. After all, she’s the daughter of Hercule, aka Mr. Satan,  the world’s martial arts champion and “Earth’s protector.” In reality, Hercule is just a cowardly egomaniac who pretends that he can do the amazing feats his fans believe him to be capable of. But he’s actually no match for the powerful Z Fighters that save Earth time and again from all kinds of threats. One of those Z Fighters, Gohan, even catches the eye of Videl, who later marries the warrior and they have a daughter named Pan together.

Tunisian cosplayer Dorra recreates the Videl look to the letter. She’s got the baggy white shirt, black gloves and black shorts. Her hair is even done up in the classic pigtails from before she cut her hair in the series. Dorra’s even found a Dragon Ball!


Virginia Desiderio as Vegeta

Vegeta is one of the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball series. While he’s a villain at first, one of the first Saiyans who arrives to Earth to defeat Goku and destroy the planet, he eventually becomes a good guy and a member of the Z Fighters. Vegeta is headstrong and not all that nice. In fact, it’s a miracle his icy demeanor doesn’t stop others from being his friend.

Although he’s not really willing to admit it most of the time, he’s found a great friend in Goku and the rest of his comrades. Virginia Desiderio brings Vegeta to life with a twist: he is now a she! That doesn’t make the character any less mighty or intimidating, though; in fact, it might give ol’ Vegeta a new edge! The Saiyan armor is also pretty great!

What’s your favorite DBZ cosplay? Let us know in the comments!

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