• 14 Disney Afternoon Cosplays Way More Attractive Than They Should be

    The Disney Afternoon was a two-hour block of television pretty much everyone who grew up in the States during the '90s can recall. It featured some of Disney's greatest animated series from the time, including DuckTales, TaleSpin, Goof Troop, Gargoyles, Disney's Alladin, Bonkers, The Lion King's Timon and Pumba, the Mighty Ducks and more. In pretty much all of these series, the main characters were anthropomorphic critters like talking ducks, chipmunks and bears. Because of this, most folks don't do a lot of cosplay from these series anyone would call attractive. Then, there are the 14 we found...

    A talented cosplayer can utilize their skills in costume design and makeup to make just about anything look good, so it shouldn't come as much of a shock that some attractive people got it in their heads to turn animated characters into something we might do a double-take for were we to pass them at a Con. With that, here are 14 Disney Afternoon cosplays that are way more attractive than they should be.

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    Princess Calla Flash1616 Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Princess Calla is one of the main human characters on Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. Calla is presented most often as a tomboy, though she is the daughter of King Gregor making her the Princess of Dunwyn and, technically, a Disney Princess. Not a lot of people throw on her outfits and dress as her, which probably has a lot to do with the character's obscurity, but that didn't stop Flash1616!

    Flash1616 is a cosplayer from Grimsby, Ontario, Canada who has been dressing up as her favorite characters since the early 2000s. She is wearing a wig and costume in the picture, which perfectly approximates Calla, but her best accessory has to be Cubbi Gummi. The doll was made for her by a friend and goes perfectly with her Princess Calla cosplay!

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    Gadget Christina Fink Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Gadget Hackwrench is one of the main characters from Disney' Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. She is a mouse who is not only the team's pilot, but their mechanic as well. She is good with her hands and can make just about anything. While the character is certainly cute, we hope that there aren't too many of our readers who would say they find her attractive. Fortunately, there are plenty of real-world cosplayers who have given the character a shot and Christina Fink is our favorite.

    Christina Fink is a talented cosplayer and all-around beautiful woman who enjoys dressing up as her favorite characters. While most of her costumes are a bit too salacious for our purposes, her Gadget is perfect! She not only has the ears and goggles perfectly matched, but her suit and hair are a perfect approximation of a humanized version of the character.

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    Aladdin JhonkunAGM Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Disney's Alladin was one of the House of Mouse's most successful animated films, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it spawned a critically-acclaimed animated series. The show was so successful, it led to two additional films, The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves, both of which were direct-to-video. Many cosplayers have dressed up as the titular character and a lot of them were certainly good-looking.

    JhonkunAGM is our pick for the most attractive version of our favorite street rat. JhonkunAGM, otherwise known as Jhon A. Gonzalez, is a cosplayer originally from Venezuela who lives and works in Costa Rica. Most of his costumes relate to Japanese pop culture, but he managed to knock out the rather dashing version of Aladdin pictured above. While he considers himself a novice of the craft, his work on DeviantArt suggests otherwise.


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    Lady Bane and Duke Igthorn Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    In the world of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, you can't get much more villainous than Lady Bane and Duke Igthorn. Lady Bane is an evil witch who has a Gummi Medallion in her posession. Her desire to destroy the Gummis has teamed her up with Duke Igthorn, who has a serious crush on her. This annoys her more than anything, but she puts up with him if it will help her achieve her goals. These are not normally attractive characters, but WickedDolls took a great stab at them.

    WickedDolls teamed up with some friends to cosplay as the human characters from the show and she nailed Lady Bane. It doesn't hurt that she has a clearly supplicated version of Duke Igthorn at her heels, showing his affection for the evil witch and making this a truly memorable cosplay.

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    DuckTales Multiple Cosplayers Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    When it comes to the Disney Afternoon, most people recall the one show that has since been rebooted: DuckTales. The series arguably launched the successful time slot, as it was the inspiration for most of the series that came from its bevy of memorable characters. The Internet is rife with people dressing up as many of the characters, but we found a great shot at WonderCon 2016 featuring nearly every character -- and their skills make their costumes fantastic to look at!

    This group of cosplayers got together and managed to create nearly every character on the show. We have some gender-bent versions of Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Launchpad McQuack and even the Beagle Boys. We aren't certain who exactly is in the shot, but it's fair to say they nailed it.

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    Chip n Dale Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Chip n' Dale are a couple of adorable characters who headlined Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers on Disney Afternoon. If they are anything, it's adorable. They formed a detective agency and fought crime helping anyone who needed their help. When it comes to characters you shouldn't be finding attractive, it's going to be a couple of chipmunks. Sure, they're cute and all, but lets get real. While there are a lot of folks who dress up like these characters, most aren't as interesting as the ones we found.

    While we were able to find this picture of a gender-bent version of the Rescue Rangers, we couldn't find out exactly who these cosplayers are. If you know, please sound off in the comments so we can give credit where it's due! The photo was taken by a fellow in Italy who goes by the name Groucho91.

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    Goofy Max GrangerGal9089 RhymeLawliet Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Goofy and Max are a couple of anthropomorphic dogs Disney threw into their Disney Afternoon slot when it gave the world Disney's Goof TroopGoof Troop took everything we loved from Goofy's animated shorts from the 1950s and made them into a television series. Goofy was introduced as the father to Max and the world was given some fun characters that eventually expanded into a film, An Extremely Goofy Movie. Goofy isn't really a target for cosplayers shooting for the "attractive" look, but we found a couple who nailed it.

    GrangerGal9089 is an American cosplayer named Martina Christina. She expertly dressed up as a gender-bent version of Max while RhymeLawliet is a cosplayer and filmmaker who adorably portrayed Goofy in the above picture. Before we found these cosplayers, we would never have thought Goofy or Max could look this good in real life!

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    Bonkers CarisseIris Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Bonkers was another show that aired during Disney Afternoon that had a star you wouldn't normally throw the adjective "attractive" at too liberally. Bonkers D. Bobcat is a washed-up cartoon star who ends up leaving the glitzy life of show business to become a police officer, but his ineptitude and whacky nature tended to cause more problems than anything else. Because Bonkers is an anthropomorphic bobcat, he isn't often a target for cosplayers, but CarisseIris found a way to not only make him look great!

    CarisseIris is a professional makeup artist out of the United States who occasionally cosplays. She threw together the pictured look for Halloween 2015 proving once and for all that a bobcat-turned human could be pretty darn cute. She managed to use her wig in place of his whiskers and the whole look just works.

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    Princess Jasmine LittleMissMint Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    To be fair, there are probably tens of thousands of women (and men) who have cosplayed as Princess Jasmine and placed their pictures online for the world to see. She's a Disney Princess, she's depicted as a beautiful young woman and she is certainly considered attractive! As such, many a fan who grew up with the character has dressed as the princess, but our favorite for this list is LittleMissMint.

    LittleMissMint, otherwise known as Marissa, is an American cosplayer and model who specializes in cosplaying as Disney Princesses. She has made costumes for Tinkerbell, Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas and many others, but her Jasmine is absolutely spot-on! LittleMissMint currently resides in California while she pursues a career in professional modeling and continues to cosplay.

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    Gargoyles Knightmage Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Gargoyles was certainly the darkest of all the Disney Afternoon series, but one with some amazing characters and a lasting legacy. The series has spawned comics and other media and is often cited as one fans would like to see revived. People tend to cosplay the show's characters often, but many find it difficult to do well, given the giant wings and increased mass needed to pull off such a massive creature. There are a few good-looking versions of Goliath creeping around the Internet, but we definitely think Knightmage did it best.

    Knightmage is the cosplay identity of one Michael Wilson, a former Deputy Sheriff and stuntman who has been cosplaying since 2012. He is devoted to the art and has taken on some challenging characters including Judge Dredd and Hellboy. You can check out his amazing work on his Facebook page.

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    Demona Ezmerelda Von Katz Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    In the television series Gargoyles, one female character stands out as a favorite of cosplayers: Demona. She is one of the principal villains of the show, of course, given that she has spent the better part of a millennia trying to exterminate the human race. She was brilliantly voiced by Marina Sirtis on the series and can be a difficult costume to pull off. With an impressive wingspan and increased mass, most women can't tackle such a complex character.

    Ezmerelda Von Katz not only put herself up to the challenge of portraying Demona, she did it with style. Sure, she looks seductive in her blue body paint and fire-red wig, but her demeanor in the photo just screams pure Demona. Von Katz has been an active cosplayer for years with many impressive designs under her belt. You can check out her work on her Facebook page.

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    TImon Pumbaa LauzLanille LucyxCos Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    If you already find the Lion King characters Timon & Pumbaa attractive, we implore you to seek help. That said, they are certainly cute and lovable characters, which is probably why they have endured in various television series and video games over the years. Most people don't tend to try and cosplay them since they are a meerkat and a warthog. Seeing as we are scoping this list towards the more attractive versions of these Disney Afternoon characters, we were able to find some intriguing human versions of the pair.

    LauzLanille (Timon) & LucyxCos (Pumbaa) are two cosplayers who not only managed to create a unique humanized version of the pair, but a gender-bent one as well. LauzLanille normally cosplays as run-of-the mill human characters out of Spain while LucyxCos, who is also Spanish, normally keeps her imitations on the side of humanity.

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    Kit Cloudkicker Chibi_Gaara Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Kit Cloudkicker is an adorable bear who is also Baloo's best little buddy on Disney's TaleSpin. He also serves as the big bear's navigator and partner. Originally, Kit was a pirate, but he has adapted to a life outside of crime while working for Baloo. He remains, for all intents and purposes, an adorable cub bear. That same verve is actually kept with this cosplay, with an equally fun style that looks absolutely incredible!

    Chibi_Gaara is a German cosplayer who has been dressing up as some of her favorite characters since as early as 2010. Most of her costumes pay homage to the animated characters from Japanese Anime, but she has hopped over to the side of video games and even reality with a realistic portrayal of Anne Boleyn and others. You can check out her work here.

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    Uncle Scrooge Avianna Disney Afternoon Cosplay

    Scrooge McDuck is probably the best-known character from all of the Disney Afternoon series. As the protagonist for DuckTales and the duck behind pretty much everything going on in Duckburg, he has become something of a fixture for Disney's venture onto the small screen. There are thousands of talented cosplayers who have deigned to represent themselves as the richest duck in all the world, but for this list, we went a the gender-bent version by Avianna.

    You can't really see it in the picture above, but she also has on orange tights and carried a money bag  emblazoned with a dollar sign around with her because... well, Scrooge. Avianna is a creative cosplayer who makes all of her own gear. She does a lot of gender-bent cosplays, but has also done some gorgeous versions of her favorite characters within her own gender. You can check out her stuff here.

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