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CarSWOONs: 15 Cartoon Cosplays Way More Attractive Than They Should Be

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CarSWOONs: 15 Cartoon Cosplays Way More Attractive Than They Should Be

Most people grow up watching cartoons. Honestly, many of us grown adults still watch them, and enjoy them, as if we were five-years-old all over again. Whether it was SpongeBob SquarePants, Looney Toons, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there are cartoons that appeal to every human on the planet, no matter the age. Even as we grow up, there are shows like Futurama, Rick and Morty, and even Adventure Time (hey, it’s okay if you’re over 30 and still laugh at it!) that are tailor-made for people who expect something more adult from their animation. But you know what all these cartoons have in common? You’re not supposed to think the characters are hot.

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That’s where cosplay comes in and “ruins” everything. Nowadays, there are beautiful people dressing up as our favorite animated characters and morphing them into something they’re not intended to be – incredibly attractive. Do we really need to think of Pikachu as a beautiful, attractive Pokemon? Or how about checking out a really gorgeous Winnie the Pooh? There’s something inherently wrong about this whole scenario. But you know what? It’s now a common occurrence. Go to a Con, and you might just get to see a way-too-hot-and-now-I’m-questioning-my-childhood Chucky from Rugrats. And that’s just the tip of this iceberg…


Futurama is a surprisingly deep show featuring some of the most interesting alien creatures and robots seen in animation. Leading the way is the bumbling Fry, a boring human from the distant past transported into the future. Fry is never seen as a sex symbol. He’s just a doofus that is the point of view character for the audience. There’s no way you could take this character, with his goofy orange hair, and make him attractive.

Well, that’s not true at all. Cosplayer Natalie Cartman has created a Fry costume that is both easily identifiable but somehow attractive. The orange hair, red sweater and white shirt are all present, but tweaked just enough to turn it from a dumpy, cartoon look into a beautiful outfit. After seeing this, you’ll probably never watch Futurama the same way again.


Now, we have to talk about cosplaying as babies. Specifically, we have to talk about taking a character from a cartoon, that is most definitely a baby, and turning said character into some sort of beautiful adult woman. It’s strange, to say the least. Honestly, it just feels wrong. But that’s exactly what cosplayer Dolly Fallon did when she decided to pose as Chuckie from Rugrats.

It’s weird to even say that Dolly has made Chuckie attractive. It’s almost as if even thinking that to yourself is enough to put you on some sort of watchlist. However, there she is, dressed as Chuckie and looking spectacular. It’s hard to imagine the iconic Chuckie voice coming out of Ms. Fallon, but also pretty funny to think about. Simply put, this is an incredibly well done cosplay, but one that gives us complicated feelings.


SPongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob SquarePants is undeniably a square-shaped sponge. On top of his physical shape that is very weird, he also has a grating voice. Frankly, and with no offense to Mr. SquarePants, there’s no way that he’s ever going to appear as the Sexiest Man Alive anytime soon. He just doesn’t have what it takes to compete with the Jason Momoas of the world.

That being said, you know how to take a square sponge and make him visually appealing? Lose the squareness and become 100% less spongey. That’s what happened when Jennifer Cosplay decided to create a SpongeBob SquarePants costume. Her outfit is completely cartoon-accurate, with one major exception. She took the titular square pants and turned them into a cute skirt. So really, her name should be SpongeJennifer NormalSkirt.


Finn Adventure Time

Imagine a world, set in the universe of Adventure Time, when Finn has had years of adventures. He’s now grown, but inexplicably still wears his same clothing. That would give you an adult man in tight clothing with the iconic Finn headwear. That’s exactly what this cosplayer, seen above in a picture from Otakon 18, accomplished.

One thing is for sure, Finn grew up to be a muscular, handsome man. Honestly, you just have to be jealous of the very full beard that he is sporting. It’s easy to imagine a live-action, adult-oriented Adventure Time with this gentleman as Finn. A sort of Old Man Logan story, but with a goofier, more colorful tone. Even with the cartoonish sword, the real standout on this cosplay has to be the Jake memorial tattoo. We don’t want to know Jake met his demise, but Finn is keeping his buddy’s memory alive.


Lila Sawyer from Hey Arnold

Right off the bat, we can say safely that no one should find Lila Sawyer from Hey Arnold! attractive. Taking the age issue off the table — even though the age is most definitely the main reason you shouldn’t find her attractive — the visual style of Hey Arnold! gives each character a distinctive skull. Arnold, himself, looks like his head was somehow smooshed and never recovered. Lila, on the other hand, has the distinction of having her skull shaped almost as a circle, with the odd ears well below her eyes.

When cosplayer LiShoaling dressed as Lila, all that weird head business was thrown out the window. LiShaoling has a very normal shaped head, and there’s no denying that instantly makes her visually more attractive than the Lila from the cartoon. However, that doesn’t make it comfortable to say. She looks great, even though it’s definitely not appropriate.


Bugs Bunny Cartoomics

Bugs Bunny has to be on the cartoon Mount Rushmore. As the main character in Looney Toons, there’s no doubt that most adults and children know the distinctive look of the wise-cracking rabbit. However, if you listed a million adjectives to describe Bugs, you probably would never get to handsome or pretty. Well, if you take a look at the above cosplay, you very well might change your mind.

Dakun Cosplay is a gentleman that has completely changed what you might think of Bugs Bunny with one simple photo. Ditching the rabbit look almost altogether, he has decided to achieve the gray and white look of Bugs with a snazzy three-piece suit. Yes, there are ears, but clearly he doesn’t want to ruin that anime-influenced hair with a set of rabbit ears. There’s no way you’ll find a more dapper, handsome Bugs Bunny anywhere.


Beautiful Pikachu

For those that don’t know, Pokemon translates to “pocket monsters.” The idea being that these cute and adorable creatures are little monsters that are enslaved in balls and used to fight each other for sport sounds horrible and depressing, right? Well, don’t worry, they only faint, and don’t die in their fights. Pikachu is perhaps the most popular of these widely popular little monsters

Don’t let the cosplayer, photographed by Elysiam Entertainment, fool you, Pikachu is not supposed to look like this. Pikachu is, by definition, a monster, and this lady is most definitely not a monster. She’s a model who just happens to be wearing yellow, with black accents, and cute ears. Would you want to trap her in a ball and fight her for sport? No way! Sorry, but this cosplay just shows you how horrible the concept is behind Pokemon. Perhaps, this cosplayer is using her beauty to shed light on the horrors of pocket monster fighting?


Rihanna Ninja Turtle

Rihanna is one of the biggest musical artists in the world. She has an amazing voice and is clearly one of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see. It’s no surprise that whatever character Rihanna chooses to dress up as, she’s instantly going to make that character gorgeous. But it’s emotionally complicated when the character she chooses to cosplay as is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

In the above picture, Rihanna has gone to great lengths to become Raphael from TMNT. She has the two sais, the shell, a scaly outfit and a strategically bare chest, which shows off her green painted skin. It’s a great cosplay, and Rihanna looks amazing, but it goes against everything you think about Raphael and the Ninja Turtles. They’re supposed to be big, hulking mutated turtles. Instead, she made Raphael a gorgeous green assassin that would give Gamora a run for her money. Never has a mutant turtle looked so attractive.


Gadget Rescue Rangers

As part of Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Gadget was always the quirky, cute side character that was also coming up with some sort of interesting invention. She talked at an extremely rapid pace about random scientific nonsense, and was seen as part of the comedic relief of the series. However, she’s still a little mouse. And because of this mouse-ness, Gadget was never a character that kids were supposed to develop a crush on.

That’s not the case when you see Russian cosplayer Nastya in the above picture dressed as Gadget. She’s not only cute and quirky, as seen in the cartoon, but also attractive. There’s something weird about identifying a mouse, no matter the situation, as a beautiful being. That being said, the cosplay itself is well-executed, with the oversized wrench bringing it all together.


Garfield Cosplay

Garfield is a miserable, overweight cat with a hatred of the family dog, Odie, but a love of yummy lasagna. There’s nothing about the character that should be viewed as attractive, at all. Hell, in the live-action films, Garfield was voiced by veteran comedic actor Bill Murray, using his very monotone, droll voice. No offense to the genius that is Bill Murray, but the man’s voice doesn’t have the same sexual energy of a Barry White, per se. So it would take a lot to make Garfield into a sex symbol.

Cosplayer Monica Neira takes everything you think you know about Garfield and turns that on its head. She takes the iconic, fat, orange cat and presents a cosplay that is just downright adorable. Monica goes for an accurate look with her hair and dress all have the signature Garfield colors; the dress even sports those iconic black stripes. She has done the impossible and turned the original grumpy cat into something beautiful.


Rick from the insanely popular Rick and Morty is a drunk old man that makes incredible inventions but seems to always find himself in life or death situations. Basically, he’s Doc Brown from Back to the Future without the moral compass. He’s not a character that people should ever find sexy. In fact, Rick’s a mess, in many ways.

Then SantanaCosplay cosplays as Rick, and suddenly, you forget all about his myriad bad life choices. You see this beautiful woman as Rick and you just don’t care that he’s probably going to end up destroying the multiverse. Seeing Nigri as Rick makes you long for a live-action episode of the series where Rick enters an alternate universe where he’s suddenly a beautiful woman, and doesn’t have the alcoholic drool situation going on. With the crazy hijinks that occur in each episode, it’s definitely a possibility.


Kim Possible Sarah Fong

While many of the cosplays on this list had to take artistic liberties with their looks to present an attractive result, Sarah Fong really didn’t have to do much to make her Kim Possible cosplay pretty. Basically, all it took was putting a grown woman in the Kim Possible outfit for it to work as an attractive cosplay. However, like most of the entries in this list, there’s something just not right about viewing Kim Possible as a visually appealing character.

Make no mistake, Kim Possible, as presented in the titular animated series, is a teenager in high school. No matter what Matthew McConaughey says in Dazed and Confused, high school girls are strictly off limits to any adult. Yes, of course, cosplayer Sarah Fong is over the age of 18, and definitely not in high school, but we should never see Kim Possible as an attractive character. But hey, the mole rat stuffed animal is adorable!


Winiie the Pooh Cosplay

Winnie the Pooh hates pants. Why else would he walk around everywhere he goes in nothing but a t-shirt? He’s probably the only character in animation that is able to pull off the t-shirt with no pants look and still look adorable. As adorable and charming as Pooh is, you can never say that Winnie is beautiful or attractive. That just doesn’t feel right at all.

However, when cosplayer Enji Night dresses as Winnie the Pooh, she takes the cute character and turns him into something very attractive, and it just doesn’t sit well. Granted, she looks amazing in her Pooh-esque shirt and skirt combo. There’s no doubt about that. But Pooh is a loveable, soft-spoken character that just shouldn’t ever be seen as someone you’d date. Extra points to Night for figuring out a way to dress as Pooh without being half-nude!



When you think of the two ladies from Scooby-Doo, Velma and Daphne, you automatically give them their distinctive roles in your head. Daphne is the pretty girl and Velma is the nerd. There’s no two ways about it. The differences in appearance are further heightened by the way the characters are animated. Daphne looks like a model next to Velma, who wears an over-sized sweater and large, nerdy glasses.

However, when Kayla Erin dresses as Velma, everything you knew about the character is thrown out the window. Shortening the skirt, tightening the sweater and adding some high heels turns Velma into someone that would make the rest of the gang blush. She’s gorgeous, but somehow it doesn’t feel right. The charm that Velma has, as the bookworm, is suddenly lost when her defining characteristics become her beautiful appearance. Even though Erin looks amazing, it just doesn’t feel right to think of Velma as the pretty girl.


Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead are the worst. Seriously, can you imagine two more miserably stupid and ugly characters to grace cartoons? Probably not. They’re even animated in such exaggerated ways that viewers are supposed to be grossed out by their antics, while they sit and make fun of old music videos with their nails-on-a-chalkboard voices.

But then you have the two cosplayers, Fanini Rabbids and Danicosplay, from a photoshoot with photographer Alturo Vega. These two ladies don’t have the over-sized heads that the original Beavis and Butthead have. Instead, their heads are perfectly normal shaped. But make no mistake, they’re trying their best to look like the two MTV icons. They have the random assortment of junk food, and of course, they are wearing the respective AC/DC and Metallica t-shirts. You’ve never thought of Beavis and Butthead as an attractive duo until now.

Have you seen any other cartoon cosplays that complicate your childhood feelings? Let us know in the comments!

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