Attention fans of <i>The Winter Men</i>: Bid on this

Knowing my love for The Winter Men, the Wildstorm miniseries by Brett Lewis and John Paul Leon, artist Cliff Chiang sends word of an eBay benefit auction that has me trying to wring some money out of my bank account.

It's "The Winter Men Case Files," a one-of-a-kind collection of character designs and descriptions, project proposal, story notes, and an Issue 1 script, collected in a custom-made cloth-bound binder signed by Lewis, Leon and editor Will Dennis. There's also a complete set of Winter Men comics, signed by Lewis and Leon.

The auction is part of an effort by several creators to help with a friend's medical bills. Any money raised beyond what's required for those expenses will be donated to The Hero Initiative.

The auction for The Winter Men piece ends on March 8.

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