Attack On Titan: The Worst Things Eren Ever Did, Ranked

Attack On Titan is a story about legacy, free will, and impact. Every single character in this series has been influenced by decisions made long before they were born in this cruel, unfair world. While Eren Yeager initially starts out as a symbol of hope, he becomes less black-and-white and a lot more gray as the story progresses.

He's done his fair share of heroics, but he's also responsible for some pretty twisted things. Below are ten of the worst things he's done as far as Chapter 122 of the manga. Anime-only fans, please click away—spoilers ahead!

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10 Begged Historia to Eat Him

After Eren and Historia were taken to Rod Reiss, it was revealed that Eren's father, Grisha Yeager, stole the Founding Titan from the Reiss family while also murdering the remaining Reiss family members, including two young children. Eren, overcome with the guilt of his father's actions, begged Historia to eat him so she could use the Founding Titan's power.

For a minute, it looked like Historia was seriously considering it, but it's a good thing she didn't in the end. Like other members of royal blood, she wouldn't have used the Founding Titan's power to stop Marley or the Titans. It's never easy being told that your father was a murderer, but encouraging Historia to eat him was the worst thing to do in that situation.

9 Tried to Kill Mikasa

During the mission to reclaim the Trost District, the military decided that Eren's Attack Titan should be able to seal the hole with a boulder. Being one of the first times Eren used his Titan powers in the field, he lost control, punching at Mikasa shortly after transforming.

The fact that he almost killed one of his closest friends, as well as one of humanity's finest soldiers, is what makes this moment so horrendous. He did get off pretty lucky, though; most people who've attacked an Ackerman have ended up with fewer limbs than they had before.

8 Beat Armin and Insulted Mikasa

At one point, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa were one of anime's most iconic trios. Fans found it extremely alarming in Chapter 112 of the manga when Eren insulted Mikasa's entire identity, basically telling her that her desire to protect him is nothing more than a manmade instinct designed to keep her in a state of servitude. He also insulted Armin, claiming that Armin was a slave to Bertholdt's memories.

Armin responded with a clean jab to Eren's face, and Eren responded by pounding Armin into the ground. Sure, Bertholdt's memories may have been influencing Armin, but there was no reason at all for him to tell Mikasa that he hated her. That was just unnecessary.

7 Manipulated and Nearly Killed Falco

At some point, Eren managed to sneak over to Marley. Pretending to be a wounded soldier by the name "Mr. Kruger," he befriended the young Falco Grice, who happened to be an Eldian Warrior candidate. He managed to trick Falco into sending letters to his allies in Marley, alerting them of his plans to attack during the Tybur-hosted festival. He also convinced Falco to bring Reiner right to him so that he could take him out just by transforming.

6 Forced Porco to Kill the War Hammer Titan Shifter

During the battle against the War Hammer Titan, Eren managed to locate the War Hammer Titan's holder, but she was encased in a protective crystal barrier that his teeth couldn't break through. After tearing off the Jaw Titan's arms, Porco Galliard, the Jaw Titan's holder, was powerless to stop Eren as he jammed the crystal in between the Jaw Titan's mouth and pressed down, forcing Porco Galliard to kill someone of the royal Tybur bloodline.

Porco could only watch in terror as Eren consumed the remains of Willy Tybur's sister, gaining the powers of the War Hammer Titan. This traumatized Porco, who remarked that he'd make Eren pay during their second encounter. We can't help but feel pretty bad for Porco on this one. If you're going to be the one to kill the War Hammer Titan, you should at least get a fraction of her broken abilities.

5 Betrayed the Survey Corps

When Eren was first revealed to be a Titan shifter, it was Levi of the Survey Corps who convinced the rest of the military to keep him alive. When he was kidnapped by Annie, Levi risked his own life to save him. Even when Eren got himself kidnapped by Reiner and Bertholdt and dragged deep into Titan territory, the Survey Corps charged to rescue him, suffering huge losses as a result. How, then, did Eren repay them? By inciting a war with Marley without their permission, not to mention encouraging the Yeagerists back on Paradis.

Most notably, these Yeagerists were responsible for many prominent members of the Eldian military turning into Titans after consuming wine tainted with Zeke's spinal fluid. Levi probably regrets breaking his leg over this jerk.

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4 Fought Recklessly in the Heart of Wall Sheena

After her true identity was found out, Annie made a break for the wall. After transforming, Eren chased her throughout one of the most populated cities within the walls in an attempt to catch her. Blinded by rage and definitely not used to being 50 feet tall, Eren stomped through the streets and crashed through buildings without regard for the fleeing civilians below.

At one point, he punched Annie directly into a church, where she crushed several innocent Eldians. While one can argue that if Eren was too preoccupied with safety, Annie could've escaped with ease, but he was particularly reckless during this fight, charging through entire buildings and hurling her over rooftops like they were out in a field somewhere. It's funny that given Annie's reputation for killing so many Survey Corps members, she showed great care during her final battle with Eren to avoid causing unnecessary destruction.

3 Murdered Several Innocent Civilians During His Attack on Marley

After spending some time in Marley, Eren realized that neither the people of Marley or of Paradis were at fault for anything. Regardless, he transformed in the middle of a crowded plaza, killing several people in the process. Falling debris crushed people in the crowd, and it wasn't even just racist Marley citizens who died. Oppressed Eldians, like the Warrior candidate Zofia, were also flattened by falling debris before they even realized what was happening.

This act is made even more horrendous by the fact that Eren did all of this in Liberio's internment zone. Even after he returns to Paradis, countless Eldians will have to cope with living in a neighborhood bleaker than it was before.

2 Betrayed Zeke and Awakened The Colossal Titans in the Wall

Using the Founding Titan's power, Zeke planned to sterilize all Eldians. Just when he finally accessed the Coordinate after touching Eren, Eren revealed his plan to use the Coordinate for an entirely different purpose. He only used Zeke to get in contact with Ymir, and after begging her to help him, the walls began to crumble, exposing the Colossal Titans within.

Unless Isayama has something different planned, these Colossal Titans will proceed to indiscriminately flatten every single thing in view, including Eren's friends and his older brother.

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1 Kept the Future of Paradis From Everyone Else

Chapter 121 of the Attack On Titan manga revealed that the Attack Titan's special ability allows the holder to access memories from past and future holders. This gets really confusing since Eren reveals that he sent a memory to himself shortly after the operation to retake Shiganshina.

Apparently, he'd given himself a memory of the future, meaning that Eren knew how everything would turn out years in advance. If he's capable of sending memories to his past self, he could've shown himself who the Colossal and Armored Titan were or even hinted at the civilization of Marley long before he entered Grisha's basement.

Why did he choose to keep everything a secret, even from his younger self? How many lives could he have potentially saved? We can only wait until the next few chapters to see Eren's reasoning for all of this, if there's even one at all.

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