'Attack on Titan's' Eren and Levi inspire limited-edition watches

A lot of attention is paid to the jackets, cloaks and boots of the Survey Corps, not not so much the watches -- but maybe that's because they're not as stylish as these new limited-edition Attack on Titan timepieces.

Produced by Seiko Nextage for its WIRED brand, the watches are inspired by Eren and Levi from the bestselling manga and hit anime. Levi, perhaps predictably, inspires the more impressive (and more expensive) version.

Crunchyroll reports that just 1,750 watches will be produced, with 250 of each one made available in stores outside Japan. The watches with the serial number "0001" will be given to Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama.

Available for preorder beginning July 3, the Eren watch costs about $178 U.S., while the Levi version will set you back about $205. They're set for release Sept. 9 in Japan.

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